An Interview with a CCS Alumna - Joshua Lojzim, Class of 2012

Dawn Snellenberger interviewed Class of 2012 alumnus Joshua Lojzim. Josh is currently pursuing his Master's Degree in Science and Religion at the Divinity School at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and plans to complete the program in August.


Josh started attending Cornerstone in Grade 8 after The King’s School in Bolton closed. He was initially nervous, because both of the schools were sports rivals at that time, but he felt the transition went quite smoothly. In fact, he felt like he was part of the Cornerstone family right from the start. He said, “It was a beautiful picture of unification of the kingdom of God.” What a wonderful compliment!

When asked about his most memorable moments at CCS, he fondly recalls the relationships he built with both the faculty and his peers. These have been important in his life, and they still influence him to this day. The spiritual foundation upon which he was able to build his life, because of the people and environment, has been invaluable to him since graduating high school, and he is thankful for that.

Josh believes his Cornerstone education prepared him well spiritually and academically for the challenges he faced in college. Academically, CCS helped build the habits and practices he needed to succeed. Spiritually, CCS gave him the foundation he needed to both sustain and build his faith when trials arose. College was certainly not easy, but Josh said, “I was absolutely better prepared than many of my friends who had gone to public schools or other private schools.”

Cornerstone also prepared Josh by providing leadership opportunities. When he was at CCS, he was part of a “Covenant Group” and led a Bible study group with middle school boys while he was in high school. This helped him in college when he served as an RA (Resident Assistant) for two years. He believes the leadership opportunities he was given at CCS helped him prepare for this role of guiding a floor of freshmen and upperclassmen (young men) in college.

After graduating from Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) in Quincy, MA, with a Bachelorof Science Degree in Physics (minors in Math and Religion), he married his high school sweetheart, Kristie (McLain), who is also a CCS graduate. Josh stayed on at ENC for a fifth year and worked as a lab manager at ENC where he led lab sessions, dealt with equipment and building upgrades, and served in a leadership capacity for the summer research program. During this time, his advisor and boss helped him discern the Lord’s next steps for him.

While researching graduate schools, he stumbled upon a graduate program in Edinburgh, Scotland, which combined science and religion. It was not his plan to study in the United Kingdom; however, he took a leap of faith, applied and was accepted into the program. He was then awarded a scholarship from the University of Edinburgh to cover the tuition for his Master’s program, and after prayer and consideration, he and Kristie believed God was leading them to proceed in that direction.

Once his program is completed, Josh plans to pursue further education in electrical engineering, but he says it has been a great experience, both personally and academically, to study abroad. Josh maintains the Lord is always consistent and faithful, even when he is being surprised by what God is doing.

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