Middle School

A transitional experience from 6th to 8th grade.

A Purposefully Transitional Middle School Program

Cornerstone is a Pre-K through 12th Grade school. Our middle school program, 6th Grade-8th Grade, is designed to support students as they transition from the self-contained classroom of elementary school towards a high school schedule with multiple teachers.

  • Study skills courses develop organization, note-taking, test preparation, and time management skills.

  • A modified schedule familiarizes students with the course rotation of high school while still providing the support needed by this age group.

  • Teachers value a team approach--working together to support each individual student.

  • Online assignment tracking, grade reporting and communication system keeps parents connected and informed.

  • Incremental semester exam schedule introduces students to comprehensive testing.

Uniquely Designed

At Cornerstone our teachers understand that middle school students:

  • Are each created by God as unique individuals

  • Require opportunities to develop their independence with the support of caring adults

  • Value social interactions and benefit from structured opportunities to work together

  • Ask hard questions as they develop their individuality and form their worldview

  • Need a safe place to grow and develop during this transitional time in their lives

Therefore, our middle school program is uniquely designed with:

  • Rotating & modified-block schedules

  • Integration of content across core courses

  • Structured work periods for homework completion

  • Gender-separate physical education and health courses

  • Yearly middle school retreat focusing on spiritual formation and bonding opportunities

  • Opportunities to practice leadership while serving with the elementary grades

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Middle School Course Overview

Our middle school course offerings are as follows:

6th Grade: Bible, Math Course I, Ancient Civilizations, Physical Science, Language Arts, Study Skills

7th Grade: Bible, Math Course II or Pre-Algebra, U.S. History, Life Science, Language Arts, Study Skills

8th Grade: Bible, Pre-Algebra or HS Algebra I, World Geography, Earth Science, Language Arts, Health, Public Speaking

Common Electives (6th-8th Grade): Physical Education, Technology, Band or Choir

Developing Authors, Readers, and Critical Thinkers

Our middle school teachers are committed to helping each child grow and develop academically. It is our desire that each middle school student be engaged in the learning process and go beyond memorization to critical thinking and problem-solving. Therefore, we work to develop each student into an author, reader and critical thinker through the following:


Biblical Integration
Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life upon which life and education are built. The Bible is the bedrock of timeless wisdom and knowledge, which equips students daily for life. Students are taught to analyze all information in light of a biblical worldview.


Foundations & Frameworks
Our middle school language arts (LAR) courses utilize the Foundations & Frameworks (F&F) reading program. F&F is a research-based program that utilizes visual tools to engage students in critical thinking and to stimulate meaningful discussions.

Cross-Curricular Alignment
Through our course schedule, students are taught to see the connections between courses such as Science and Social Studies. The novels chosen for the LAR courses align with the social studies courses.

Content Area Instruction
Teachers seek opportunities to instruct students in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in all the content areas. These include writing research papers, giving oral presentations, and completing nonfiction reading requirements.

Benchmark Projects
Yearly benchmark projects require students to demonstrate proficient grade-level writing skills. Projects are assigned in science or social studies courses and involve a research paper and presentation. These projects prepare students for the rigorous research and writing requirements of high school. 

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This school is the real deal. It gives your kids the safety to spread their wings while keeping their feet grounded on a firm foundation of faith. There is nothing like the weaving of God's Word into all aspects of learning! My kids are blessed to go to CCS where the teachers pray for them and love them."
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CCS Parent
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