Cornerstone is a fantastic place for your children to attend! My children have received the love and care they deserve from the teachers and faculty...You won’t find this sense of family and Christ-centered community anywhere else. I highly recommend The Cornerstone Christian School to anyone looking for a school for their children.
— CCS Parent, Posted on Greatschools.Org

A Solid Education

Our elementary program begins with our preschool and Kindergarten programs that prepare students for first grade and beyond.  Our entire elementary program features a challenging and developmentally appropriate curriculum. We purposefully design our curriculum to ensure a fluid transition between grades.  Our lower elementary classes (K-2) use the same phonics program and math program in order to maintain instructional consistency.  


Beginning in Kindergarten our students participate in  Foundations & Frameworks (F&F), our reading program for Kindergarten to Grade 8.  This reading program moves students beyond basic comprehension as it challenges students to think critically about aspects such as character development, plot, and setting. The use of visual tools not only allows students to better understand their reading, but it also aids students as they organize their writing.

The "cornerstone" of our classrooms is a strong biblical worldview. Our core values are woven throughout the classroom environment. Teachers purposefully integrate the Scriptures and a biblical worldview into each content area subject. Students also participate in daily Bible instruction and weekly chapel services.

Classroom instruction is enhanced through field trips and hands-on projects and demonstrations. Our K-2 students participate in Physical Education twice each week. These classes focus on teammwork, physical fitness, and basic sports skills. These lower elementary students also participate in music classes twice per week. The focus is on enjoying music, moving to music, and preparing the vocal pieces to be performed at our annual Christmas and spring concerts. Each class also visits the library once a week in order to participate in a literature lesson and to check out books to bring home. Beginning in Grade 1 students also take weekly art classes. Their artwork is displayed during our annual spring art show.

A Developmental Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten is a full-day program, which is committed to a developmental philosophy and meets the needs of the whole child: academically, socially, physically and spiritually.  Academic fundamentals and godly character traits are the foundation of our Kindergarten program. Math, science, social studies, Bible, writing and early literacy skills are integrated into a language arts-based program.  Music, Physical Education,and Library are a part of the Kindergarten student's experience.


The classroom environment introduces the child to academic work within the context of exploration, cooperative play, and whole-class instruction.  The classroom provides an atmosphere of discovery and experimentation through teacher-led and child-directed hands-on activities with a wide variety of materials. Learning in this way helps each child discover new interests and God-given gifts, express curiosity, work in cooperation with others, and communicate ideas. Children discover that learning is meaningful and fun.


Our developmental philosophy influences the components of our Kindergarten program.

  • Active curriculum with hands-on experiences
  • Environment providing the appropriate levels of challenge
  • Creative learners who take pride in their growing abilities
  • Play as a path to learning and self-discovery
  • Nurturing of children's growth socially, emotionallly, physically, intellectually, and spiritually