An Interview with a CCS Alumna - Jillian (Labbe) Moskites, Class of 1998


Dawn Snellenberger interviewed Class of 1998 alumna Jillian (Labbe) Moskites. Jill and her husband, Joshua, are the parents of 6 children (4 of whom are current CCS students) and co-owners of The Whey Station, a gourmet grilled cheese truck.

In addition to being the mother of 6 children and co-owner (with her husband) of The Whey Station, Jill also recently competed on "Chopped," Food Network's food preparation competition in which four contestants are required to use a set of strange and interesting ingredients to prepare something unique and delicious. Much to the delight (though of no surprise) to all of us, she won the competition! I appreciated the opportunity to find out what the Lord has been doing in Jill's life since graduating from Cornerstone almost 20 years ago!

Jill began attending Cornerstone in 2nd grade after her father accepted Christ. He had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was given only 6 months to live. Miraculously, God healed him, and he vowed to serve God for the rest of his life. As a result, halfway through Jill’s 3rd grade year, her family left the area to become missionaries to Central America. However, there were some challenges along the way to fulfilling that call. The ship was not ready to sail initially, so they spent time in Seattle and homeschooled while they waited.

Then her parents needed to leave Jillian and her sister, Robin, with their grandparents for about 6 months while they packed the ship for their journey.

Eventually, they set off and served the countries of Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala by providing medical supplies and serving in the orphanages. Jill recalled stories of town orphans visiting their ship and feeling a sense of peace despite the civil war that was happening in El Salvador at the time.

After their time in missions, Jill and her family returned to Connecticut, and she returned to CCS in the 6th grade. For 7th grade she homeschooled again and worked on a farm. She once again returned to CCS in the 8th grade and remained until she graduated in 1998. Jill reflects that her teachers had hearts for God. She also felt like like CCS was a safe environment and appreciated being “sheltered” from some of what the world offers.

After graduation, Jill attended Johnson & Wales University, a culinary school in Providence, RI. What wonderful preparation for owning a food truck and competing on “Chopped!” She finished her program and worked at various jobs, both in and out of the food industry. In 2002 she met her husband, Josh, while working in Rhode Island, and they married in 2006. They now have 6 children under the age of 10!


Jill initially dreamed of opening a restaurant, but when that fell through, she and Josh decided to purchase a food truck, which has become a successful venture for them. Through the business, they are able to not only support their family, but they are also able to serve in various fundraisers and ministry opportunities. One such opportunity is at the upcoming CCS Auction on Saturday, April 28!

Jill and Josh have chosen Christian education for their family because they desire to instill godly values in their children so that they become productive adults who walk out their faith. They appreciate the small class sizes and the character development they see taking place in the lives of their children. Jill has seen her oldest son, Oliver, journaling and doing his Bible reading, which delights her as she sees him taking ownership for his faith. What a delight to have a second generation of students coming to Cornerstone!

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