An Interview with a CCS Alumna - Abby Clark, Class of 2016

Dawn Snellenberger interviewed Class of 2016 alumna Abby Clark. Abby is currently a junior majoring in business at Cairn University, which is a Christian college located near Philadelphia, PA.


Not many college students can say they experienced a summer like Abby Clark did this past summer! While other students were busy with summer jobs, Abby was busy serving in Kenya, Africa. She had the unique privilege of traveling there and working with three different children’s homes connected to a ministry called Chariots for Hope. Unlike a regular missions trip, this opportunity allowed Abby to provide practical business help to these overseas children's homes, while sharing the love of Christ with the children she encountered. As a business major at Cairn University, this internship combined her love of foreign missions with a chance to use her expanding business knowledge in analyzing profits, losses, and areas for growth of different generating-income projects used at the children’s homes. In this way she was able to put her faith into action and bless the people she encountered there.

While Abby reflected fondly on her experience, she admits that when she first learned about the opportunity, she didn’t feel like it made much sense to her. However, after thinking and praying about it, she felt the undeniable tug of God on her heart. For her, this experience was the culmination of a desire God had placed within her back when she attended Urbana Missions Conference during high school. At that time, surrounded by 15,000 other students, Abby found herself praying specifically for oppressed people groups in Kenya. It was then that she felt God calling her to minister to people in Kenya. It wasn’t until she began telling me about her summer experiences that she was reminded of God’s call several years before!

As Abby reflected on her time spent at CCS, she recognized it as a wonderful opportunity to grow in her faith. She felt it was a good environment to learn from her teachers as they walked out their lives of faith before her. Now that she is in college, she is challenged to walk out her faith in even greater ways than before. Obeying God by stepping out and serving Him in Kenya is one way she is doing just that. We rejoice in what God is doing in Abby’s life and delight to see how God will continue to use her to make a difference in this world for His Kingdom. Keep up the great work, Abby!

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