Reflections from the Senior Health Class

Each year Cornerstone's seniors take a Health course. The first unit focuses on spiritual health. At the conclusion of this year's unit, Mrs. Dickensheets asked the students to share a reflection from the unit. Below are a few of their responses.


"I have been really interested, because of this study, in diving deeper into God's Word. This book shared a lot of things that I have never heard, or heard said that way. I was convicted that I need to dwell more on the Word of God." - J.S.


"Through this reading I have been convicted about my spiritual walk with God. Hearing of people like Wilma (a woman called to prison ministry at the age of 80 years old) and others who were old, distraught or broken, but still doing God's work, is incredible, while my "living through the motions" is not. This book has really taught me the hard work behind being a Christian, and I plan to incorporate it into my life." -T.K.


"I learned so much about Jesus, the Bible, and also myself....Some the things that I read and learned, my family and friends have told me before, but being the stubborn girl I am, it was hard for me to receive the message. Reading this book and hearing stories of people that relate to the information truly helped me to trust God."- B.P.


"I have been blessed by learning about horizontal and vertical worship. We must be knit together as a community while we worship and also reaching toward and adoring God together...He has been teaching me about applying this to my leadership on the praise team as well as when I am in the 'crowd' worshiping." - A.C.


"This unit has given me the opportunity to have deep conversations with some of my classmates that I probably never would have had if we were not paired together for the lesson. I've gotten to pray with them and exchange verses. Overall I have been encouraged by how God is at work in my class." - K.R.


"This class has allowed me to see examples of how God may be working in my life. I have been ripped out of my 'settled place' a lot and have experienced dramatic, painful endings. But God is making me stronger through it and shaping me into the young woman that He wants me to be." - M.Z.


"In my class journal you can see three entries on one topic. The topic is something I have struggled with my whole life. God has been speaking to my heart about breaking the struggle and truly beginning to read the Bible. There was a chapter in this book about how to read the Bible. This chapter really spoke to me as a confirmation from God that it was time to start reading His Word again and seeing what He has in store for me." - K.H.