A Sure Foundation

This story was shared on Facebook by Tammy, mother of  Lauren, Class of 2016.

Today we bring our precious daughter to Nashville for her freshman year of college. She is beginning her next season of life and we are so proud of and excited for her. As I prepare to leave, I am reflecting on just how thankful I am that she got to spend her foundational years at CCS. Cornerstone, and the wonderful faculty who serve there, played an integral role in introducing her to Jesus and helping us raise her to be the intelligent, warm, engaging, Christ and people-loving young woman she has become. My heart is much more at peace sending her over 1,000 miles away to college having seen her grow in Christ during her years at CCS and I am so grateful for this school!

If you are not yet part of the CCS family but are considering joining us, I encourage you to seriously and prayerfully consider the benefit of sending your children to Cornerstone for their formative years. We are so thankful we made that choice! 😊


Reflections from the Senior Health Class

Each year Cornerstone's seniors take a Health course. The first unit focuses on spiritual health. At the conclusion of this year's unit, Mrs. Dickensheets asked the students to share a reflection from the unit. Below are a few of their responses.


"I have been really interested, because of this study, in diving deeper into God's Word. This book shared a lot of things that I have never heard, or heard said that way. I was convicted that I need to dwell more on the Word of God." - J.S.


"Through this reading I have been convicted about my spiritual walk with God. Hearing of people like Wilma (a woman called to prison ministry at the age of 80 years old) and others who were old, distraught or broken, but still doing God's work, is incredible, while my "living through the motions" is not. This book has really taught me the hard work behind being a Christian, and I plan to incorporate it into my life." -T.K.


"I learned so much about Jesus, the Bible, and also myself....Some the things that I read and learned, my family and friends have told me before, but being the stubborn girl I am, it was hard for me to receive the message. Reading this book and hearing stories of people that relate to the information truly helped me to trust God."- B.P.


"I have been blessed by learning about horizontal and vertical worship. We must be knit together as a community while we worship and also reaching toward and adoring God together...He has been teaching me about applying this to my leadership on the praise team as well as when I am in the 'crowd' worshiping." - A.C.


"This unit has given me the opportunity to have deep conversations with some of my classmates that I probably never would have had if we were not paired together for the lesson. I've gotten to pray with them and exchange verses. Overall I have been encouraged by how God is at work in my class." - K.R.


"This class has allowed me to see examples of how God may be working in my life. I have been ripped out of my 'settled place' a lot and have experienced dramatic, painful endings. But God is making me stronger through it and shaping me into the young woman that He wants me to be." - M.Z.


"In my class journal you can see three entries on one topic. The topic is something I have struggled with my whole life. God has been speaking to my heart about breaking the struggle and truly beginning to read the Bible. There was a chapter in this book about how to read the Bible. This chapter really spoke to me as a confirmation from God that it was time to start reading His Word again and seeing what He has in store for me." - K.H.


Words from Cornerstone Parents

"I'll always remember watching the powerful relationships my kids have with their teachers (even ones from years ago) and their friends." 

-- CCS Parent 

"My children learn about the character and conduct of Christ; they experience God's love. They are encouraged to reflect Jesus throughout the day in an environment that is gracious, safe, and determined to honor God." 

-- CCS Parent

"The teachers and staff at Cornerstone have taken a high level of academic and character interest in our two children. This has had the effect of having them focus on how to teach them and manage their individualized areas of educational development and need." 

-- CCS Parent 

"Cornerstone is a true community. Our family was blessed by other Cornerstone families when our infant was in the hospital...We received numerous visits, meals for our family, cards, prayers and offers of help. What a wonderfully loving and caring community! We have been so blessed to be a part of it!" 

-- CCS Parent 

Words from CCS Alumni

"I look back at my time at Cornerstone and realize how much I miss it--the teachers, the students, my classmates, and what the school stands for...I am so glad to say that I went to Cornerstone. [B]ecause of this school I am starting to become closer to God, something I always said I wanted to do but never got around to doing thanks to my lame excuses. So, thank you, Cornerstone; thank you, teachers and faculty, who want to help each student succeed in [life]." 

-- CCS Alum

"Without a doubt, the ministry of Cornerstone was extremely influential in my life to ground me in faith and to prepare me with academic skills I continue to use. I will always remember my years at Cornerstone with fondness." 

-- Michael Evans, Member of the 1st Graduating Class, 1990

"As a child who was raised Catholic, I knew God my entire life and loved Him. It was not until I began attending The Cornerstone Christian School, though, that my relationship with Christ really began to grow. I first accepted Christ as my Savior during a chapel...and I began to pursue the Lord with more fervor than before. Although my life has [been] thrown curve balls along the way, my relationship with Christ has held solid--undoubtedly due in large part to the firm foundation that I received at Cornerstone. I am so incredibly thankful to have found a home at CCS. It changed the trajectory of my life immeasurably, and I still see the blessings unfolding from my time there through the long-standing friendships that were built in those classrooms, and from the steady foundation of knowledge of Christ that the faculty helped me build. Christ's presence in my life has never wavered, even when I have, and I am so grateful for the part that Cornerstone played in that." 

-- Melanie Russell Subin, Class of 2003

"My educational experience at Cornerstone was life-changing. I was given a foundational understanding of the Scriptures and a safe environment in which to wrestle out my faith. The staff at Cornerstone taught, supported and invested in me in a way that was an example for the way I [now] invest in students and in my own children. Finally, the classmates that I lived with, day-in and day-out, challenged me and were my friends in an extraordinary way. They were, and continue to be, very special, gifted people, and they make me look forward to heaven where we will have time for long chats!" 

-- Faith, Class of 1990

"I am thankful for the people [who] took time to encourage us as teens. The testimonies of our teachers and chapel speakers challenged me as a young adult, and I [have] often heard their words resonating as I have faced difficult situations. The worship in chapel will always warm my heart, and the songs that we were taught and that we raised up together have come into my mind and filled my heart at some challenging times." 

-- Becky Fox Gilbert, Class of 1996

"I only attended CCS until fourth grade, but I have so many fond memories of the staff and the school. I accredit those wonderful years of education to my continued love and appreciation for Christian education. We moved to Kentucky after my fourth grade year, and due to the incredible education that I received at CCS, I skipped the fifth grade! I loved CCS and cherish the sacrifice each teacher made to work in a private school and the sacrifice my parents made to enable me to attend a private school." 

-- Former Student

"I am very thankful for the providence of God in using CCS to form me as an elementary student through loving, caring teachers. Being in a small, intimate school provided me the opportunity to know and be known by my teachers and coaches who were able to shepherd me through the tumultuous years of high school. I will forever be indebted to the teachers who made the sacrificial choice to serve Christ at CCS. Thank you!" 

-- Christian Partyka, Class of 1996