3rd Quarter Honor Roll

High Honor Roll

Grade 12

Amerel Haynes

Victoria Ruitto

Eliza Russell


Grade 11

Megan Cabral

Daniel Owens

Chloe Snellenberger

Gabriel Sullivan

Cole Woods


Grade 10

Matthew Anthony

Isaiah Haynes

Jonah Hussey

Liza Kearney

Ariana Medina

Ethan Russell

Joshua Schmid


Grade 9

Allison Carmen


Grade 8

Kallista Adams

Sydnie Hoover

Zayana Medina

Sinead Olson

Norah Snellenberger

Sarah Snellenberger

Isabella Tirado-Rivera


Grade 7

Madison Chen

Emma Paterson


Grade 6

Sierra Chappell

Ann Howard

Jane Howard

Mae Howard

Hannah Johnston

Jemille Joseph

Isabella Lagos

Mia Pekari

Luke Schmid


Honor Roll

Grade 12

Daniel Gayman

Liam Hussey

Erica Ruitto

Aidan Ward-Manthey


Grade 11

Bryce Henry

Ashley Lamberg

Myron Logan

Isai Tirado-Rivera

Daniel Troche


Grade 10

Avery Brangi

Eden Thompson


Grade 9

Mason Hoover

Macy Jackson

Mark Mihok

Raina Schneider

Julia Williams


Grade 8

Paul Bearchell

Jonathan Morhardt

Sean Owens

Robert Shemenski

Meisha Sullivan

Samuel Troche

Sage Yoreo


Grade 7

Savannah Aubin

Mitchell Cannarella

Jayden Knowland

Walter Lee

Gabrielle Thompson

Mikaylee Winn


Grade 6

Eva Bagnaschi

Elena Ferreira

Madison Jenkins

Lily Mertens

Jaden Olson

Rebecca Shemenski

Ezekiel Sullivan

Samantha Violette

William Yoreo


UPDATE: Last Day of School Friday, 6/15


The school board has decided to add back one more day of school in June (lost to the last snow day). Therefore, the last day of school will be Friday, 6/15, for Pre-K through Grade 11. The last three days of school (Wednesday through Friday) will be early 1:00 dismissals to accommodate the middle and high school exam schedules. (Senior exams will take place on Monday and Tuesday of that week so that seniors can attend their class trip excursions on Wednesday and Thursday.)  Monday and Tuesday of the last week of school will now be full days. The Google and app calendars have been updated. 

Purchase Auction 2018 Tickets Now!

Pre-purchase your Auction 2018 tickets for only $10! (Tickets purchased after April 20 will be $12.) You can also pay for your tickets online this year.  CLICK HERE to pre-register and/or to purchase your tickets. 


Adults and Students in Grades 6-12 Tickets: $10 each ($12 after 4/20). 

Infant through Pre-K Tickets: $10 each ($12 after 4/20)

Kindergarten through Grade 5 Tickets: $10 each ($12 after 4/20)

A family maximum cost for children's tickets is $30 ($36 after 4/20)


Tickets can be purchased through the office, but families will want to pre-register online to avoid registration lines the day of the auction. Tickets will be available at the door for $12 each.

CCS Auction 2018 (1).jpg

#SchoolsThatPray, 3/29


Students, parents, teachers/staff, board members, and administrators are invited to participate in a day of prayer on Thursday, March 29.

ACSI, our school’s primary accrediting agency, is inviting those who are committed to Christian education around the world to come together to pray on March 29.  Together we are “trusting God to move mightily in our schools, in our cities and across the globe. We believe that Christian schools will serve as a pivot point in this great revival—a revival that must begin with prayer.” (ACSI #SchoolsThatPray)

CCS is extending an open invitation to everyone (interested adults and children) to pray together that day during one (or all) of the following times:

7:50-8:20 AM      Sanctuary/Chapel

12:00-12:30 PM    McLain Gym (for those who want to fast lunch)

3:15-3:45 PM        Sanctuary/Chapel

If you cannot attend one of these prayer gatherings, please consider setting aside some time on March 29 to pray alone, with a colleague, or with a student (or your own children at home).

Ask God to show us how we can bless Him through the Christian school movement; ask Him to equip us to raise up leaders in this great revival.

Middle & High School Movie Night, 4/20


The CCS Lions Forum for Student Voices has planned a FREE movie night for CCS middle and high school students (no other guests please) on Friday, 4/20.  Arrive at 6:30 PM for an hour to hang out with one another in the gym.  Bring a food to share (to be placed in the cafeteria), such as munchies, dips, soda, finger food, etc. We’ll move to the cafeteria at 7:30 to watch a fun movie, so bring your lawn chair or a blanket to sit on (as though it were an outdoor movie!) to enjoy the movie and munchies together. Pick-up will be at 9:30 PM. 

$1 Spirit Day Fundraiser, 3/29


Please support CCS sophomore Josh Schmid’s Eagle Scout project—to build two picnic tables and to spruce up the courtyard outside the McLain cafeteria—on Thursday, 3/29, by paying $1 to wear Spirit Wear for the day. All students who stay at CCS through high school will eventually have the ability to use the renovated courtyard during the lunch period (and possibly for other purposes). Show your CCS school spirit!

Smart Tuition

If you are paying your tuition monthly by invoice, you can update your Smart Tuition profile today for automatic payment processing.

Just simply log on to your Smart Tuition account and access “Edit My Profile” menu.  Choose the “My Payment Method” section and click “Update”.  The website will walk you through the steps to add your banking or credit card information and update your payment method to automatic payment.  Timely and secure payments are now made on your tuition schedule!

Note:  Credit card payments will incur a 2.85% convenience fee.

Time to Update SchoolMessenger Preferences


It's time for all CCS families to update their communication preferences from the school. This must be done as soon as possible in order to receive your preferred types of communication from the school regarding emergencies, school closings, etc. You may CLICK HERE for an overview of how SchoolMessenger works. There are two ways to select/update your preferences. 

First, if you have already downloaded the CCS app onto your phone, you can open our school app and scroll to the bottom of the home page.  Click on the "SchoolMessenger App" icon and follow the directions to set up your account.  You will then be able to select your preferred means of communication from the school.  If you do not have the CCS app on your phone, you can also go to schoolmessenger.com/start to set up your account and select your preferences. 

If you do not set up your notification preferences (annually), you will not receive important phone messages sent by the school throughout the school year.

Earn Tuition Credit with Scrip

During this school year,  several CCS families participated in our new tuition-credit program through Scrip. Families purchased gift cards at face value and received a percentage back as a tuition credit for the 2017-2018 school year. In total, families received just over $1400 in rebates this year! The top earning family has received over $300 in credit towards next year's tuition. This was our first year with the program, and we know that next year families will be earning even more!

Now is the time to start earning tuition credit for the 2018-2019 school year. All summer long, you can purchase electronic Scrip cards and shop immediately. Before summer vacation begins, be sure your account is set up!

1. CLICK HERE for basic information and the enrollment form for the tuition-credit program.

2. CLICK HERE for instructions on setting up a Scrip Account and signing up for PrestoPay so that you can shop electronically. CLICK HERE for more detailed instructions.

3. Contact Patty Schmid at patty.schmid@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Traffic Adjustments in Inclement Weather

Thank you for your patience as we dealt with this morning's snowfall. We think that you will agree that the snow came at the most inconvenient time!  Occasionally we will need to change the traffic pattern to keep everyone safe in the winter. Please help us accomplish this by:


  • Driving slowly and carefully at all times.
  • Watching for staff members who are directing traffic and following their instructions.
  • Rolling down your window as you approach staff members so that they can give you the best directions. (It is hard to see through tinted windshields in order to send you to the correct location!)
  • Showing patience as you wait in lines, rather than putting others in danger by driving around stopped vehicles.