An Interview with a CCS Alumnus - Calvin Tucker, Class of 2015

Despite several large hurdles throughout college, Calvin Tucker (Class of 2015) persevered and graduated from Nyack College earlier this month.


Despite several large hurdles throughout college, Calvin Tucker (Class of 2015) persevered and graduated from Nyack College earlier this month.

During Calvin Tucker’s 8th grade year at Hartford Area Seventh Day Adventist School, he and his family starting exploring different options for high school.  Calvin loved basketball and hoped to play for his high school team.  After considering Glastonbury High School, The Master’s School, and Northwest and East Catholic, his parents prayed for guidance and then found CCS.  They believed God had directed them and therefore enrolled him for his high school years.

When Calvin drove into the parking lot on his first day of high school, he told his mother that she needed to turn the car around!  He was skeptical because CCS seemed so different from his previous school, but his mother insisted he give it a try.  He walked in to school wearing a basketball jacket and the basketball players immediately flocked toward him.  It was then that he began to feel part of the CCS community.

When asked about a word to describe his experience at Cornerstone, Calvin said “harmony” comes to mind.  He had an amazing experience with “zero drama” and was able to go about his day without any stress.  He appreciated the close relationship he had with all his teachers and enjoyed the special camaraderie with his classmates.  He loved being able to listen to his friends and give words of wisdom and comfort and appreciated that his friends could offer the same thing to him.  He especially treasured the times he prayed with his class.

The highlight of his high school career occurred during his senior year when the CCS basketball team won the Annual Invitational Basketball Tournament in Binghamton, NY.  It was the first time the boys had won in many years, and Calvin was glad to be part of making CCS history!  He graduated in June, 2015, with plans to attend college.

Because of the influence of Mrs. Karis Rowse, Spanish teacher at CCS, Calvin decided to attend Nyack College in Nyack, NY, her alma mater.  He felt academically grounded and spiritually prepared when he started, and he believes this helped keep him from being swayed by the ways of the world when he left home.  He remarked that “CCS got him all set” for college, and perhaps he was even over prepared!  After his first semester he earned a 3.7 GPA!

Being spiritually grounded helped keep him on track while he went through significant challenges during his time at Nyack.  During Calvin’s freshman year, he lost his Godfather and Grandmother.  In September of his sophomore year, his father died unexpectedly and he wanted to leave school for a time.  But his mother told him, “God’s got us, baby!” and she insisted he return to Nyack.  Calvin knew his Dad had worked so hard for his education and quitting was not an option.  It took him a little while to get back on his feet, but he was able to go back and graduate on time.

Calvin graduated in May, 2019 with Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing.  He also received a Minor in Biblical Studies and Music Business.  He hopes to attend graduate school in the fall and obtain an MBA or a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership.  Ultimately, he would love to start a music business and use it as an opportunity for ministry to keep kids off the streets.  Whichever course he takes, we know Calvin will be successful!  We look forward to hearing how the Lord will continue to use him to be a blessing to others!

Thank you, Calvin, for sharing your story!  If you are a CCS alumni and would like to share your story, please contact Dawn Snellenberger at