An Interview of a CCS Alumna - Becky (Fox) Gilbert, Class of 1996


Q:  How old were you when you began attending CCS?

A:  I began attending in 7th grade.  I asked my parents if I could either go to CCS or be homeschooled because I didn’t want to go to the large public middle school in town.  I knew I wouldn’t thrive there because I was shy and would get lost in the crowd.  My parents said yes and I was thrilled.

Q:  How did you feel about the school after you started attending?

A:  I loved the family "feel" of the school! Everyone felt like a brother or sister to me.  I loved the arts focus at the time.  We were encouraged to be expressive through our writing, acting and singing.  We had many opportunities to stand in front of others, whether in class, chapel, or in a major production called Narnia.  It was great for me because it forced me out of my shell. The teachers also made learning fun, because they interacted with us.

Q: So after graduation from CCS, what did you do?

A: I went to Cedarville College (now University) in Ohio. I felt very prepared by the education I received at CCS.  In fact, I was able to CLEP (College Level Examination Program) out of classes, which allowed me to take other classes instead of the prerequisites.  I majored in Exercise Science and graduated in 2000.

A few years after graduation, I met and married Barry and started having children (Logan, Tate and Vivian).  I felt a call to homeschool them, but I also had ambition to have my own business.  I became a fitness trainer and started a home business which focused on sales.  I was then introduced to a product called Juice Plus.  I started using the supplements and eventually invited others to try the products for themselves.  In no time, I had developed my own business.

Now, I use the communication skills I learned at CCS in a variety of ways.  I talk to groups of people about the benefits of a plant-based diet and also share my faith with others.  My husband and I are both active in our church, serving on the worship team and helping with a Bible club called the Olympians every Friday night. We place a high emphasis on how to communicate, serve and use our gifts.

Thanks, Becky, for sharing your insights with me!  I appreciate hearing your story of how your parents’ investment of Christian education has paid off in your life. 

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