A Faithful God

Dan Donovan (Class of 2010) was unable to make it to this year's Alumni Chapel because of his new job. However, he wanted to be sure to share his story of God's faithfulness with his CCS family. After graduating from Cornerstone, Dan attended Central Connecticut State University and graduated with a BS degree in history with a focus in elementary education in December of 2014. He has recently begun working as a learning tutor, providing classroom support to students in a Connecticut elementary school. As Dan reflects on his time in college, he can clearly see how God has been faithful.  He hopes that his story will encourage others to trust in God as they finish high school and await the next step in God's plans for their lives.

As I reflect on these experiences, I realize that God has truly been faithful to me. He has helped me raise money to have incredible experiences both in my local area and also abroad. He has provided me with a group of friends who I have been able to support and who have also supported me. Further, He allowed me to purse a career that I am incredibly passionate about. What I have learned from all of these experiences is this: if you pursue what God wants for your life He will make a way. The road getting there may not be easy. There may be bumps in the road; there may be twists and turns that you did not see coming. But, He will be there for you. All you need to remember is to stay focused on God, and He will help you get from where you are now to where He has planned for you to be.
— Dan Donovan (Class of 2010)