Louder Than Words

Leah Robertson, a 2008 CCS graduate, received her BA in International Studies from Cedarville University.  As an academically high-achieving student, Leah has not lost site of her foremost call--The Great Commission--to live out her faith in a lost world. She is currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Indonesia. She works there as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher in an Islamic high school as an instructor of English and teacher training. 


Leah tells us, "My hope is that as I am learning about Islam and Muslims, my counterparts at school, my students, my colleagues, my [host] family, and my neighbors...will also be able to learn about Christianity through my actions, which must of necessity speak louder than words." Leah explains that she is not permitted, as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV), to proselytize in the interest of all PCVs' safety, but the people within the Indonesian culture frequently ask questions about others like Leah, including questions about religion. 


Pray for Leah as she seeks God for His next set of directions as her current position ends in the summer of 2015.