Supporting Learning

photo by mark santostefano

photo by mark santostefano

When it comes to technology in the classroom, our main goal is to enhance the curriculum and support student learning as appropriate to the age level. Our classrooms have student computers that can be used for independent practice and for research.  A computer lab is located in the McLain Building and is available to all classes and teachers. Teachers often enhance the curriculum with presentations, videos and interactive activities presented with projectors.

Elementary Technology Curriculum

The first portion of this video gives an overview of the TechnoKids lessons. Many of these lessons are incorporated into our curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Our elementary classes receive project-based computer instruction. This instruction is primarily based on the units provided by TechnoKids.  In Kindergarten through Grade 2 each classroom teacher presents whole group instruction once per week. The students then practice the new skills independently by using classroom computers throughout the day. Beginning in Grade 3 there is a strong emphasis on mastery of keyboarding skills.  In Grades 3 to 5 the teacher provides weekly instruction in our computer lab, allowing the whole class to complete the lesson together. 

Middle School Technology Courses

During each year of middle school (Grades 6-8) students take a technology course that meets for two periods per week. These courses also utilize the TechnoKids lessons to meet our goal of mastery of the basic Microsoft Office Suite by the end of Grade 8.  Students also use the computers to complete a variety of class papers and projects. This allows the students to understand how technology can be applied to their course work.

High School Technology Course

Each student must enroll in the high school computer class (0.5 credits) before graduation; this course is typically taken during the sophomore year. This course begins with a quick review of the Microsoft Office Suite. The goal is to ensure that the students are able to independently use these software programs to complete their high school coursework.  The course then explores more advanced features of these programs as well as some additional programs. There is also a focus on understanding how computers and new technology are being used in a variety of careers. Typically this course concludes with the completion of a student-designed project which further explores a topic of the student's choosing.