The school year has come to a close and summer vacation has begun! Soon, school supplies sales will begin at your local stores! Supply lists for Pre-K to Grade 8 and high school math courses, as well as the 2017-2018 Textbook List for Grades 6-12, are available to download from the bookshelf below. 


1. Thanks to our Shoprite shoppers, we earned enough points to purchase items, such as scissors, for our elementary classrooms and these items have been removed from several lists! The supply lists for all elementary classes are a bit shorter this year - and that means some savings for YOU!


2. You are no longer being asked to donate disinfectant wipes. In an effort to reduce the use of these disposable wipes, the PTFA has opted to organize the purchase of microfiber cloths for each classroom. Instead of purchasing wipes, you are asked to donate up to $5 to help fund this purchase. The PTFA thanks you for helping make the classrooms a bit more environmentally friendly! 


Finally, this year students are encouraged to bring their school supplies to Back-to-School Night in the fall so that all the bags are a bit lighter on the first day!


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