Pre-Kindergarten Program

Our Pre-K program provides a quality experience for our youngest students! 


Our  teachers understand that:

  • God created each  child as a unique individual.
  • Children learn about God's world through discovery, exploration, and experimentation.
  • More than a brain comes to school! Preschool students are developing socially, physically, and spiritually, as well as academically.

Therefore, our Pre-K Program is built upon our developmental philosophy.

  • We recognize that God created children as unique individuals who grow at various rates.
  • Our instruction is based on each child's needs, abilities and readiness.
  • We design learning experiences to engage young preschool minds in critical and creative thinking.
  • Our program addresses the development of the whole child--social, intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms

Our Pre-Kindergarten program consists of our Preschool classroom and our Kindergarten-Prep classroom.   


Our Preschool Class

This class is designed for students who are as young as three and will turn four before the following school year begins. The teacher will guide students through a developmentally appropriate curriculum in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. Our Preschool class maintains a strong focus on developing social skills and a strong foundation to prepare students for future school success.


Our Kindergarten Prep Class

This class is designed for students who are as young as four and will turn five before the following school year begins. In this class the teacher introduces the students to pre-reading skills through a thematically based curriculum. Our K-Prep class will prepare students academically and socially for a successful Kindergarten experience.


The components of our Pre-Kindergarten Program address the needs of the whole child.

  • Social Curriculum
    • Learning through play
    • Maturing in manners and respect
    • Expressing needs appropriately
    • Developing independence and sharing
  • Academic Curriculum
    • Thematic-based units
    • Balance of teacher-directed activities and student-directed activities
    • School readiness skills
    • Music instruction
  • Physical Development
    • Developing fine motor skills
    • Ample opportunities for play, both indoors and outdoors
    • Physical Education twice weekly
  • Biblically-Based Program
    • Bible stories integrated with themes
    • Developing godly character