February is Missions Month

Each Wednesday during the month of February, our school comes together at chapel time to learn about missions.  We focus on mission efforts that are taking place both domestically and abroad.  Our students learn that they are called to be missionaries wherever God places them by bringing the good news of Jesus to others.  If you have a Wednesday morning available, feel free to join us in the sanctuary at 8:30 AM to hear what God is doing all around the world!

Order Your 2017-2018 Yearbook by 3/31


The deadline for ordering your 2017-2018 Cornerstone yearbook is fast approaching! All orders must be placed by March 31. (Seniors' yearbooks are provided by the school, but all others must purchase their own yearbook, if desired.)  The cost of each yearbook is $40. Please CLICK HERE to place your order online. You will also need to enter the following code to place your order:  12148618.

Elementary Info Night is Coming!

third grade.jpg

If you know anyone who is interested a solid Christian education for their child, please invite them to our Elementary Info Night on February 13 at 6:30 PM.  We will share about the distinctives of our elementary program and have a time for questions to be asked.  We will begin in the Fellowship Hall for a brief time together and classroom tours will be given.  Please share the word about what makes CCS special!

CCS Quarter 2 Honor Rolls for Grades 6-12

Congratulations to our students who made the Quarter 2 honor rolls! We are proud of you for your hard work!



Grade 6

Sierra Chappell

Elena Ferreira

Madison Jenkins

Hannah Johnston

Jemille Joseph

Isabella Lagos

Luke Schmid

Rebecca Shemenski

Ezekiel Sullivan

Lucas Thompson

Samantha Violette

William Yoreo


Grade 7

Mitchell Cannarella

Jayden Knowland

Walter Lee

Gabrielle Thompson

Jacob Williams

Mikaylee Winn


Grade 8

Paul Bearchell

Jonathan Morhardt

Sinead Olson

Sean Owens

Gabriel Pekari

Robert Shemenski

Sophia Thompson

Samuel Troche

Sage Yoreo


Grade 9

Shayla Hoover

Raina Schneider


Grade 10

Avery Brangi

Robert Hare

Eden Thompson


Grade 11

Bryce Henry

Ashley Lamberg

Isai Tirado-Rivera

Daniel Troche


Grade 12

Daniel Gayman

Abigail Monahan

Erica Ruitto

Aidan Ward-Manthey



Grade 6

Ann Howard

Jane Howard

Mae Howard

Nathan Jothiraj

Mia Pekari


Grade 7

Savannah Aubin

Madison Chen

Jonathan Hoover

Emma Paterson


Grade 8

Kallista Adams

Sydnie Hoover

Zayana Medina

Norah Snellenberger

Sarah Snellenberger

Meisha Sullivan

Isabella Tirado-Rivera


Grade 9

Allison Carmen

Mason Hoover

Macy Jackson

Mark Mihok

Julia Williams


Grade 10

Matthew Anthony

Isaiah Haynes

Jonah Hussey

Liza Kearney

Ariana Medina

Ethan Russell

Joshua Schmid


Grade 11

Megan Cabral

Daniel Owens

Chloe Snellenberger

Gabriel Sullivan

Cole Woods


Grade 12

Amerel Haynes

Liam Hussey

Victoria Ruitto

Eliza Russell

Annual Celebration Banquet on October 22, 2017

1981 club logo.jpg

This year's Annual Celebration Banquet will be held on Sunday, October 22, at 5:00 PM; it serves as an annual opportunity for supporters of Christian education to join Cornerstone's 1981 Club. We will take a look back at what God has done since the June 2012 accreditation for our K-12 program. This year's banquet will also serve as the launch into a 3-day visit from our accrediting agencies (ACSI and MSA-CESS) as they review our yearlong self-study conducted during the 2016-2017 school year for our June 2018 accreditation renewal. Please contact the school office at office@contactccs.org or call 860-643-0792 if you would like to reserve a seat for this exciting event!  (Reservations are required by the public.)

How Old is Too Old?

Most parents spend hours reading aloud to their little ones. Some parents even begin reading to their child before birth! However, one might wonder when it is time to phase out this read aloud time. The answer is – never!

Your child is never too old to enjoy and benefit from a family read aloud. Once you get started, you will find that you enjoy this special time as well! While the type of books and lengths of books will change as your child matures, this tradition can continue. 

This summer, consider making a family read aloud time a tradition in your home.   Read aloud at bedtime, or out by the campfire. Choose a novel to listen to on your road trip.

What books will your family hear this summer?


The Cornerstone App is Here!

Have you downloaded the NEW Cornerstone App? If not, be sure to head on over to your App Store and download it today!  This app has been carefully designed with a variety of opportunities for you to stay informed and connected according to your unique interests and needs.  You can even receive app notifications about snow days and school emergencies!

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing a series of articles to introduce you to the many features available on the app. For now, we will highlight just a few important instructions and key features. Please watch your email and the next few editions of the Lion’s Roar for more helpful information.

Initial Set-Up Notes

1. Do not skip the initial set-up process.  During the set-up process, you will be asked to “turn on” channels based on your notification preferences. This will determine which articles will appear in your current news feed, which events will show on your calendar view, and which notifications you will receive. For example, choosing to turn on “Athletics” will mean that all athletics events will show when you click on your app’s main calendar icon. (To easily update your preferences in the future, simply use the Settings button to make your changes.) 

2. Be sure to allow this App to send push notifications to your phone. You may even want to set it as a priority view. Then you will receive important updates and reminders from the office, as well as notification when an emergency message has been sent. You can now receive “Snow Day” notifications this way, too!



 PTFA: Get updates, reminders, and news related to Cornerstone’s PTFA (Parents, Teachers & Friends Association). Opt in to this channel to stay informed about the Scrip program and ways that you can get plugged in at Cornerstone.

 Athletics: Get updates, reminders, and game results for the CCS Lions.

 High School Guidance: Get updates, reminders and stories related to guidance and the Pathway to Christian Leadership program.  All parents and students in Grades 9-12 are strongly encouraged to opt in to this channel.

 Alumni: Receive updates and news articles related to Cornerstone’s alumni.


 Latest News:  Click on this icon to read articles and view photos of what is happening at Cornerstone. This newsfeed will contain school-wide news, as well as news articles connected to the channel that you choose during the set-up process.

 Calendar: Click on this icon to view all school-wide upcoming events. Be sure to opt-in to the channels (see above) to view specific upcoming events, such as sports practices and games.

 Newsletter: You can view all editions of the Lion’s Roar (past and present) right from your phone!

 NotificationsIf you miss a notification, such as for an emergency or school closing, you can just check here!