Futsal and Street Soccer Opportunity for Grades 3-5


We are offering a soccer clinic for our upper elementary in grades 3-5.  Beginning on 11/15 and ending on 12/20, registered students can participate after school in a skills-based soccer program.  Please note the program will run for 5 weeks and will NOT meet the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. 

If you are interested, CLICK HERE to download the registration form and return it to the elementary office with the payment.  Checks are made payable to Futsal and Street Soccer.  

Parent Teacher Conferences — The Cornerstone Christian School


NOW is the time to schedule conferences for your elementary students.  In order for us to assist in scheduling parent-teacher conferences for the first quarter, you will need to fill out a form with your preference of date and time.  From the CCS app,  please click on the "Parent Icon" on the Home Page.  At the bottom of that page, please find the section for November 2017 Conferences and fill out the form.  Additionally, a school-wide email will be sent with a direct link to the form.  After completing the form, the office will then get a copy.  


Conferences will be held on Tuesday (11/14) from 2pm to 7pm and on Wednesday (11/15) from 2pm to 6pm.  We will begin assigning conferences on Thursday, 10/26, and parents will receive a confirmation email at the address used on the form.  On 10/31, parents can begin scheduling secondary conferences through Sycamore.


Childcare WILL BE AVAILABLE ON BOTH DAYS for students while parents attend conferences; this is a fundraiser for the Junior-Senior Class Banquet.  Donations to the Junior Class will be gladly accepted.

Kids Helping Kids

School Pal Paks.jpg

You've heard the expression, "It's not all about you!" For the believer, that's true!  While God cares immensely about us, He also cares for every other person on this planet.  There is a sense that we are part of a larger whole, and as we partner together to care for others' needs, we find great joy, meaning, and purpose.  When we serve others, we also align ourselves with our Master, Jesus, who has set the example of servanthood for His disciples to follow. 


Service is an important component of a child's education at CCS. It's so important that it is highlighted in our mission and vision statements!  In order to accomplish this goal, we specifically set aside time each school year to engage in service projects for the purpose of putting someone else's needs above our own.  We partner our older grades with our younger grades and plan ways to serve others at our school and in our greater community.  We set aside time for 3-4 opportunities each year.


For our first service project of the year, we decided to come together as a school body to serve other students who have been affected by recent disasters and economic challenges.  In partnership with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM), we are collecting donations for School Pal Paks (SPPs).  We will accept collections for the next four weeks and then assemble the SPPs together with our partner grades later in November.  These SPPs will then be delivered to a warehouse and will await shipment to other Christian schools, whether in our own country or abroad.  Since 2005, over 120,000 SPPs have been given to needy students.  


Each Student Pal Pack contains the following items:

·         2 composition notebooks (NOT spiral bound)

·         1 package of #2 pencils (quantity 10-12 pencils)

·         1 package of black pens (quantity 10-12 pens)

·         2 pink erasers, 2- 3 inches long

·         2 rulers (6-inch or 12-inch with metric measurements)

·         1 package of colored pencils (quantity 12-15 pencils)

·         1 pair of blunt-nosed scissors

·         1 hand-held pencil sharpener


For the next four weeks we are collecting:

October 17-24 - notebooks (composition, NOT spiral) and rulers

October 25-31 - packs of colored pencils

November 1-7 - blunt-nosed scissors and packs of erasers

November 8-15 - pens, pencils and pencil sharpeners

The partner grades that collect the greatest number of items (by percentage), will earn a free Spirit Day and ice cream.  Of greater significance than a prize, however, will be the joy of serving others less fortunate than ourselves.  Will you join us in this opportunity?


Annual Celebration Banquet on October 22, 2017

1981 club logo.jpg

This year's Annual Celebration Banquet will be held on Sunday, October 22, at 5:00 PM; it serves as an annual opportunity for supporters of Christian education to join Cornerstone's 1981 Club. We will take a look back at what God has done since the June 2012 accreditation for our K-12 program. This year's banquet will also serve as the launch into a 3-day visit from our accrediting agencies (ACSI and MSA-CESS) as they review our yearlong self-study conducted during the 2016-2017 school year for our June 2018 accreditation renewal. Please contact the school office at office@contactccs.org or call 860-643-0792 if you would like to reserve a seat for this exciting event!  (Reservations are required by the public.)

PTFA Fundraiser


The PTFA (Parent, Teacher, and Friends Association) is excited to partner with Meadow Farms Fundraising!  This fundraising effort directly benefits our school and helps support the many goals of our PTFA. There are two ways to participate in this fundraiser.  The first way is by selling gourmet pies, which will be shipped during the week of November 16, just in time for Thanksgiving!  These orders must be turned in by October 5th.  However, the fundraiser continues through online orders of various items and gifts.  People from near and far can continue to shop up through December 10th.  The catalogs and order forms were sent home with students on Monday, September 18, however, you can also use the following link to place your order:   https://shop.meadowfarms.com/index.asp?PID=1035064 

New Soccer Program for Preschool through Grade 2


 An exciting after-school soccer program called Futsal and Street Soccer will be available for our preschool through grade 2 students.  Every Wednesday, starting on 9/20 until 10/25, registered students will be taught a skills-based soccer program on school grounds.  Registration forms are available in the office or you may see Dawn Snellenberger directly.  Payment for the 6-week program is expected at the time of registration.    


To see a video of the types of skills your student will be taught,  go to https://vimeo.com/231966131

First Lego League is Starting

First Lego League.png

If your child turns 9-14 years old by January 1 of this 2017 year, then your child is able to apply to participate in our school's First Lego League (FLL).  CLICK HERE to download the brochure and application.  There are a limited number of seats available on this team (only 7 seats remain at this time), so applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis, which must also include the required registration fee.  

Applications and the required fee must be submitted directly to either office (elementary or McLain).  Parents will be notified if their student's application was received in time to reserve a seat.  If not, your registration fee will be returned in full.

Soccer is starting soon!

If you are interested in participating in the co-ed varsity soccer team, the first practice will take place on Monday, August 21, from 4-6 pm,  at Kennedy field (103 Kennedy Rd, Manchester).  THIS IS A CHANGE FROM WHAT WAS PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED. After practice, pizza will be ordered for the soccer team before the mandatory concussion training for the players and their parents.  The concussion training will take place at 6:30 pm in Mr. Kirch's classroom.


Please remember to bring your pay-to-play fee and signed health form, or you will not be able to participate in the first practice.

A Change of Scenery

How is your household doing with your summer reading?

This week, consider a change of scenery.  Grab your favorite books and go on a reading adventure. Take a hike through a park and spend a 30 minute rest time reading. Visit your local library and discover a new favorite reading nook in the children’s room. 

Get sophisticated and read your books in the local coffee shop! Climb up into your tree house, or to the top of your slide and spend some time reading from on high. 

Comment below with your favorite reading spot!

Homeschool Partnership Program Informational Meeting

You are invited to come and learn about Cornerstone's Homeschool Partnership Program. Cornerstone partners with homeschooling families by offering enrollment in select classes for students in Grades 1-12. Elementary students are able to enroll in Physical Education, Art and Music/Band. Beginning in Grade 6 students may also take a math course at Cornerstone. High school students are able to take up to 2 credits of any of our courses.

We invite you to join us on Thursday, 7/27 at 10am to learn more about how Cornerstone can partner with your family!

Meet the New Assistant Administrator

Although Mrs. Dawn Snellenberger is new to the position of Assistant Administrator, she is not new to Cornerstone.  Mrs. Snellenberger, or Mrs. S. for short, has had a long history with the school, even before she began working here.  Her introduction to CCS began when two of her siblings attended and graduated from the school, and her father, Vin McCauley served as the Chairman of the School Board for seven years. 


After attending Gordon College and teaching in Massachusetts for two years, Mrs. S. began her teaching career at CCS in the 5th grade.  She taught for three years in this position, before becoming certified through NILD, the National Institute for Learning Development.  She worked in that capacity, offering individual educational therapy to students with learning disabilities, for the next two years.  In the meantime she married Dan, a CCS alumnus, and began her family.  She spent several years at home with her three children while they were young, but remained connected to the school when her oldest child started attending CCS in Kindergarten.  When her youngest child began Pre-K, Mrs. S came back to the school as a Pre-K teacher.  She worked in this capacity for five years before making the leap to our middle school program, where she taught for four years.  Although she has enjoyed teaching and building relationships with students and their families, she feels like she is ready for this new challenge!


As both a teacher and mother, Mrs. S is fully acquainted with the school's program and comes with an enthusiasm for this new position.  Please stop by and say hello or introduce yourself in the coming days.  She looks forward to working with all our students and families in this new role!    

You Are a Super Model

While you may not feel like one, you are! No one has the power to influence your child as much as you, the parent. And, as we know –actions speak louder than words!

It is important that your child see you reading! Let your child see you setting aside time to read for pleasure as well as reading for knowledge. Do your daily devotional reading at the kitchen table once in a while. Grab your new novel and perch on your porch swing.  Share a news update, or funny story, from a newspaper or magazine.

Does your career require you to read? Let your child see you reading that business journal, monthly report, or new policy manual. After all, students see school as a means to an end –graduation and a job. They can’t wait to be done with school and done with learning – and reading! Be sure that they can SEE the answer to the age old question – “When will I ever need this in my life?”  Show them that reading is an important skill for our whole lives.

Get Unplugged This Week!

Are you wondering how to encourage your children to read? Consider getting unplugged! That’s right – we challenge you to literally unplug your electronic entertainment for a week – or a day. Go around your home and unplug your TVs, radios, and box up your ipods, tablets and laptops! 

Challenge your family to engage in unplugged entertainment.  Bring out the books and have family reading time. Open up your closet and pull out a board game that you haven’t played in a while.  Go for a walk together or have a picnic outside. Take advantage of your time together this summer – and get unplugged!

The Proper Time and Place

You may have heard that there is a time and a place for everything. With reading there is no one time or one place. That is the great thing about a book – it is portable!

This summer, consider taking your reading on the go and bring your books to the park or to the beach. When the rain comes and you are stuck inside – build your best blanket fort and read together in your new shelter!

Do you have a long trip ahead of you? Consider a family read aloud in the car.  Reading aloud from a chapter book can help pass the long hours on a road trip. You may even find yourself looking forward to the next leg of the journey in order to find out what happens next in your book! Another great option is to check out a book on CD from your local library, or download one onto your ipod, and listen to a dramatic reading as you travel.

Wherever the time, whatever the place, take some time this summer to lose yourself in a book!

How Old is Too Old?

Most parents spend hours reading aloud to their little ones. Some parents even begin reading to their child before birth! However, one might wonder when it is time to phase out this read aloud time. The answer is – never!

Your child is never too old to enjoy and benefit from a family read aloud. Once you get started, you will find that you enjoy this special time as well! While the type of books and lengths of books will change as your child matures, this tradition can continue. 

This summer, consider making a family read aloud time a tradition in your home.   Read aloud at bedtime, or out by the campfire. Choose a novel to listen to on your road trip.

What books will your family hear this summer?


2017-2018 PTFA Core Team

Thank you for voting to approve the PTFA ballot! We are pleased to announce the official PTFA Core Team for the 2017-2018 school year.

Kristin Chen - PTFA President
Patty Schmid - PTFA Treasurer
Heather Cannarella - PTFA Secretary

As a CCS parent, teacher or friend - YOU are a part of the PTFA! There will be many opportunities for you to get involved and support our school next fall. You don't need to wait until the fall to get connected....Join our PTFA Facebook group at any time!


Job Openings

Music Teacher Position Available

As you may already know, Mrs. Marla Wiley recently announced that God is calling her to remain at home next year, so she will not be returning in the fall as our music teacher. We are officially beginning a search for her replacement. Please pass the word around if you know of anyone interested in teaching music! We are excited for Mrs. Wiley as she goes where God is sending her, though she will be greatly missed by all of us, and we are excited for the new person He will be bringing to us!  God is always faithful!  CLICK HERE to download a teacher application.

GLC Workers Needed (Adults and Students)

As we do in June each year, we have begun looking for new workers for our 2017-2018 extended day program that meets after school each day--Growing Like Christ (GLC). We are looking to hire two adults and are also in need of hiring a few students who will be turning 16 years old by September. Please contact me if you would like more information about this opportunity.  CLICK HERE to download an application (adult or student) to work in our GLC program.

Maintenance/Custodial Positions Available

Finally, it has been our privilege to have Bill Folberth serving on the MCN/CCS maintenance crew and Jen Cane serving part-time as our custodian in the elementary building (when she's not serving as the CCS business manager!). Both have submitted their resignations from these maintenance/custodial positions effective this month, which means the church is seeking replacements for these two positions. The custodial position is rated at 15-18 hours a week, with the work to be done outside of school hours. The maintenance crew position is rated at 20 hours a week, and these hours are served predominantly during school hours. If you have interest in either of these two positions, please send a cover letter along with your record of employment/training to Pastor Dan Whitney at dan.whitney@mcnaz.com or 218 Main Street, Manchester, CT 06042. Additional questions may be addressed in the same fashion.

Float-On-By to Meet Our New Teachers

By Mrs. Snyder

I am very pleased to share with you some exciting news that was not able to be finalized until last night's board meeting. Please "float on by" tomorrow night (Thursday, 6/15) at 7:00 PM on the CCS field by the playscape to meet the following individuals and to enjoy root beer floats. Students may want to bring a Frisbee or two, as well! 

Introducing Our New Assistant Principal

I am pleased to announce that Mrs. Dawn Snellenberger has been hired to replace Mrs. Joy Press as the assistant principal, effective during the summer months. You may still see Mrs. Press on campus through July, as she will be working alongside Mrs. Snellenberger (aka Mrs. S) to help with the transfer of duties.  Mrs. S brings with her tremendous experience with CCS across all the grade levels and a commitment to Christian education, in general. 

Introducing Our New Middle School LAR Teacher

I am equally as pleased to announce that God has simultaneously made an amazing provision for a new middle school language arts teacher! (That's so like God!) I hope you can come Thursday night to meet Mrs. Kirsten LaBranche. She has her Master's Degree of Arts in Education with a concentration in English from the University of Connecticut. She also has a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Human Development and Family Studies with double minors in English and Psychology (also from UConn).  Her specialty is in teaching middle and high school English. Her professional experience spans from 2006 through the present. She brings enthusiasm to this position that is only equal to Mrs. Snellenberger's own enthusiasm as the former middle school language arts teacher! Mrs. S and Mrs. LaBranche have already begun to make connections to assist in the transition. 

Meet Our New Grade 5 Teacher

We will also have Mrs. Lisa Randall, our new Grade 5 teacher, "floating on by" to join us for some fellowship. She'd love to meet everyone, too! (You will recall we announced her hire a couple of months ago as Mrs. Donna Corbeil retires from 40 years of teaching.)

2917-2018 School Calendar Update

Thank you for your feedback as we worked to finalize the 2017-2018 CCS School Calendar.  You will notice that we have used your feedback from a recent online survey to move our spring 2018 vacation to the week of April 9-13, 2018. As with all surveys, it becomes clear that there is no one option that can possibly meet all the needs and preferences of everyone. However, it seems wise this coming year to coordinate our April vacation with the majority of the schools in our surrounding area. 

With this switch, you will also notice that we have kept the day after Easter (Monday only) as a vacation day, as this seems to be a fair compromise for families to the above switch. This means that we have also moved our last day of school for next year to Wednesday, June 13, 2018.  Graduation for the Class of 2018 will remain as previously scheduled on June 15, 2018.

CLICK HERE to view the "paper version" of the calendar.  For a full listing and the most up-to-date activities of the school, please connect with our school's Google calendar or our download our free CCS school app.

Have a blessed summer ahead, and we hope to see you all back in the fall!