Important Information about the Athletic Program


The Cornerstone Christian School 2017-2018 athletic season will begin with a Varsity Soccer practice/team meeting on Monday, August 21 from 3:00 PM-5:30 PM. The location of the practice is still to be determined.


Immediately following this practice, a mandatory concussion protocol meeting will be held at CCS. ALL student athletes and at least one parent must participate in a concussion information and protocol session prior to any participation. Participation in this information session is a yearly requirement.


To participate in the Varsity Soccer program students must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Students must be enrolled in The Cornerstone Christian School.  If participating as a homeschooler, the student must be enrolled as a homeschooler through CCS administration. (A registration fee is also required of homeschoolers.)
  • Students must be in Grades 8-12. (Grade 8 student participation at the varsity level will be determined by the athletic staff.)
  • Students must be in good academic standing (not on academic probation).
  • Students MUST have the CCS athletic medical history and permission form completed and submitted to the athletic director prior to the first practice. This form includes a current physician signature. (The form must be signed by a physician after June 1, 2017. Absolutely no exceptions can be made).  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS FORM.
  • Students MUST have paid the pay-to play fee prior to the first practice. The pay-to-play fee for 2017-2018 is $250.00 per athlete per varsity sport.
  • All athletes must commit to the rules and guidelines for practice, sportsmanship, work ethic, Christian character, and conduct as outlined by the athletic department and school administration.
  • Varsity basketball will begin on November 6. It is not too early to obtain physicals and physicians' signatures.

Again this year, the varsity soccer team will be coached by Mr. Keith Press. (Mr. Brian Sullivan will begin the season in Mr. Press's initial absence.)  During August, Coach Press will contact interested players regarding workouts and team guidelines.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at or 860-748-5643 (cell).

Fisher's Island Trip -This Saturday!

From Jim Kirch, Athletic Director

The Boys' and Girls Varsity Basketball teams will be playing at Fishers Island on Saturday, December 10. We will depart from CCS at 8:30 AM. We will travel to New London, CT and board the ferry to Fishers Island. The boys' game will be first, followed by the girls' game. We then return to New London on the ferry. We will stop for dinner and return to CCS between 8:00-8:30 PM (depending on the ferry).

Fishers Island School negotiates a deal for the cost of the ferry for the players and coaches, but any other adults must pay the full rate. Players will have to pay $10.00 each, coaches and drivers who transport players will be covered by the athletic department. Other adults and children who wish to accompany the team will have to pay the posted rates. Adults are $19.00. I do not know if their is a children's rate.

Jim Kirch


Basketball Season Begins November 7th!

All basketball players' forms and pay-to-play fees are due before the first practice, which will take place on November 7th. Students may not practice unless medical forms and fees are submitted.


All players and parents must also view the concussion training video each year.  The video will be shown at 6:30pm on November 7th for any students or parents who did not view the video at the start of soccer season.

Be Ready for Basketball Season

Our soccer season is winding down and basketball season will begin soon! If you plan to participate, be sure you are ready. Don't miss the first practice because you have missing paperwork!

All athletes must submit a participation and health form each year. Students may NOT participate in any practices until these forms, along with the pay-to-play fee, have been submitted. 

Don't wait until the last minute because these forms require a physician's signature every year!