Prayer Warriors

Once a month student prayer warriors from Grades 2 through 5 get together to pray for friends, family members, and their school and community. This group is led by a teacher, parent volunteers and several older students who have already been through the program.  

Workshops & Sports Clubs


Occasionally we offer after school opportunities through parent-led clubs or local organizations. In the past, parents or staff members have offered to provide activities such as a running club and golf club. We have also partnered with local groups to provide an elementary soccer program and worship dance workshops.

Music & Art Lessons

Many of our students participate in private music or art lessons right here on our campus. Our fine arts teachers help to connect parents with the appropriate instructors. Occasionally after school art workshops allow students to explore in greater depth a particular art medium, such as block printing or paper-mache.

Service Projects

All of our students participate in at least one service project each year. Many of these projects take place as a part of our Grade Partnership program.  Through this program each older grade is partnered with a younger grade. The students spend time getting to know each other and completing service projects together. This provides an opportunity for our older students to engage in servant leadership and to serve as role models for the younger students. The variety of service projects also provides opportunity for students to try new activities, such as baking, which are not normally a part of the school curriculum.