Scrip Program Overview

The Cornerstone PTFA manages this unique fundraiser which benefits both the school and our families!  

1.  Families (or friends!) purchase gift cards at face value and use these cards for any shopping needs.

2. Cornerstone receives a rebate for a percentage (ranging from 1%-16%) of the gift card value.

3. Families choose how they would like their rebates applied.

Option 1: The full amount of the rebate is donated to the CCS PTFA.

Option 2: The parents choose to split the rebate with the PTFA.

50% of the rebate is donated to the PTFA;

50% is applied as a credit to the family's tuition for the following school year*

*In the event that a family does not have a student enrolled in CCS for the following school year, the rebate will be donated to the CCS PTFA.


Enroll & Designate Your Rebate

Before you shop, be sure to complete our enrollment form in order to designate how you would like your rebate to be applied. If you do not have a student at Cornerstone, you can choose to have 50% of your rebate applied to a Cornerstone family of your choosing, or you can have your rebate simply go towards the PTFA's fundraising efforts for the school. This is a great way for extended family members to support a child's education!


Shop Anytime: Purchasing ScripNow Electronic Cards

Anyone can purchase electronic ScripNow cards and start shopping immediately!

  1. Visit
  2. Click on "Get Started" and then "Join Your Existing Program."
  3. Find CCS by entering our code, C96A5B6616183.
  4. Complete the registration form.
  5. View retailers with ScripNow cards by selecting "ScripNow" under the "Card Type" filter on the left-hand side.
  6. Register for PrestoPay to pay online. If you'd prefer, you can submit a check to the CCS office.
  7. After purchasing your cards, you will receive a code to use online or to be printed and taken to the store so that you can start shopping!  NOTE:  Not every store offers electronic cards.
  8. You can use to access your ScripNow cards from your smartphone! Watch this video to learn more.



School-Year Shopping: Monthly Orders

If you live in the Manchester area, you can order Scrip cards through the PTFA and pick them up at school! The PTFA will place an order on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. Cards will then be available to be picked up on the following Friday (10 days later).  To place an order for local pick-up, you have the following two options:

  1. Place your order online at You can choose to pay online with PrestoPay or to send to the school office a check made payable to "CCS" with "Scrip Order" written on the memo line.
  2. Complete the monthly paper order form (available through Sycamore) and submit it to the school office with payment.  Paper order forms are also available in the elementary school office, and a printable PDF can be requested by contacting

Maximizing Your Tuition Credit

The best way to maximize your tuition credit is to maximize your use of the program! Be sure to plan ahead for all your shopping and gift-giving needs! Take a few minutes to browse the available stores at to see a list of stores (that you already frequent) that can help you earn tuition credit! Then, plan ahead to purchase your cards through our monthly ordering system!


Another way to maximize your use of the program is by using ScripNow to shop on-the-go! Check out this video to learn more.


Your friends and family--near and far--can help you earn tuition credit as well! Once they complete an enrollment form, they can choose to have 50% of their rebates applied to your family's tuition for the following school year! With ScripNow, they can shop from anywhere in the country! (Please note that all physical cards will be delivered to Cornerstone and cannot be shipped directly to other locations.)


Supporting a Cornerstone Family

Anyone can choose to support a Cornerstone family! Simply complete our enrollment form and designate a family to receive 50% of your rebates! This is a great way to help a child receive a quality Christian education without any additional cost to you! You will feel good knowing that you are reducing a family's tuition each time you shop for groceries!