Box Tops & Labels for Education Contest Winners

The final results for the Campbells, Tyson Project A+  and BoxTop Contest are in.  In the Elementary Building, congratulations goes out to the 1st grade.  They won with an average of 34 points per student.  The other classroom averages were:  3 yr Pre-K  0; 4yr Pre-K  5; Kindergarten 6; 2nd 10; 3rd 27; 4th 14 and 5th 19.  The 1st grade will enjoy making their own ice cream sundaes with chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, different sprinkles, and whipped cream.

In the McClain Building, congratulations to the 12th grade who won with an average of 19 points per student.  The other classroom averages were:  6th 11; 7th 9; 8th 0; 9th 4; 10th 2; and 11th 0.  The 12th grade will be able to enjoy a special ice cream Treat.

The ice cream for both prizes was graciously provided by Royal Ice cream in Manchester.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Remember to collect BoxTops and Tyson Project A+ labels all year long.  Unfortunately,the Campbell's Label for Education Program is getting phased out.  If you have any Campbell's upcs with the logo still on them, please send them in before the end of the school year so we can get credit.