The Proper Time and Place

You may have heard that there is a time and a place for everything. With reading there is no one time or one place. That is the great thing about a book – it is portable!

This summer, consider taking your reading on the go and bring your books to the park or to the beach. When the rain comes and you are stuck inside – build your best blanket fort and read together in your new shelter!

Do you have a long trip ahead of you? Consider a family read aloud in the car.  Reading aloud from a chapter book can help pass the long hours on a road trip. You may even find yourself looking forward to the next leg of the journey in order to find out what happens next in your book! Another great option is to check out a book on CD from your local library, or download one onto your ipod, and listen to a dramatic reading as you travel.

Wherever the time, whatever the place, take some time this summer to lose yourself in a book!