You Are a Super Model

While you may not feel like one, you are! No one has the power to influence your child as much as you, the parent. And, as we know –actions speak louder than words!

It is important that your child see you reading! Let your child see you setting aside time to read for pleasure as well as reading for knowledge. Do your daily devotional reading at the kitchen table once in a while. Grab your new novel and perch on your porch swing.  Share a news update, or funny story, from a newspaper or magazine.

Does your career require you to read? Let your child see you reading that business journal, monthly report, or new policy manual. After all, students see school as a means to an end –graduation and a job. They can’t wait to be done with school and done with learning – and reading! Be sure that they can SEE the answer to the age old question – “When will I ever need this in my life?”  Show them that reading is an important skill for our whole lives.