Re-Enrollment Begins!

We are pleased to announce that Early Re-Enrollment has officially begun and continues through March 15.  It is very important that you open our RE-ENROLLMENT NEWSLETTER right away to learn about important updates.

IMPORTANT: Please read through the RE-ENROLLMENT NEWSLETTER as soon as possible!  
This is very important this year.

As was done last year, all current families must re-enroll online through a special ADMISSIONS PORTAL connected to Sycamore. The expected time to complete the online re-enrollment process is 5-10 minutes.  If you have any trouble, please call the school office, and we will be happy to walk you through the process or arrange for you to use a school computer to re-enroll.

Once again, please be sure to read the RE-ENROLLMENT NEWSLETTER for important details, updates, and due dates about the re-enrollment process.   Additional information was also sent to all parents in an email on Wednesday, 3/1.

We look forward to further partnering with you during the upcoming 2017-2018 school year!