Made for More!

Annual Anti-Bullying Message by Mrs. Snyder

Each January CCS provides an anti-bullying message to our K-12 students.  This is part of our school’s Anti-Bullying Policy.  We tailor the message each year to be developmentally appropriate within our two chapel settings (K-5 and Grades 6-12). Our focus this year was on how God designed us to be.  We were reminded that God designed us for so much more than we often realize...and certainly for much more than the world would have us believe.

However, we also talked about how hard it is to be all that God created us to be.  We recognized that each of us, without exception, falls short of who we were created to be.  We all make mistakes, and we all know what it means to need forgiveness and grace.  We celebrated that God perfectly expresses His forgiveness and grace towards us through His Son, Jesus. 

We discussed what we do when we fall short, and we compared that to what we ought to do when we fall short.  We must be quick to repent and ask for the forgiveness of those we hurt when we fall short.  We were also challenged to think about what we ought to do when others around us fall short of being who there were created to be.  It’s so much harder to be all that we were made to be when others aren’t being all that they were made to be! 

Our middle and high school students took a brief survey at the beginning of their chapel so that they could discover where they feel it’s hardest to be all that they are made to be.  They discovered that some of their friends here at school find it hard to be their best at school.  So, we also began to identify those around us who can encourage us...and those around us who desperately need us to encourage them. 

Finally, we marveled at this huge call God gives us to love our ENEMIES!  Wow!  It’s not easy to be all that we were made to be without the power of the Holy Spirit.  It’s not even easy to WANT to be all that we were made to be.  But we are made for more, and we all agreed that we want to encourage one another to want more for ourselves and for one another.

May God be blessed by our pursuit of Him as we embrace that He truly made us for more than what we see in the world around us!