Reflections from Senior Health

CCS Seniors recently completed a unit on spiritual health and were given an opportunity to share about their most significant lessons or experiences from the unit.  Here are just a few of their responses!


"The spiritual health unit has been very challenging. It got me into a routine of reading a devotional and made me think about a lot of things in my spiritual walk. For example, one of the chapters was about new beginnings, endings, in-between times and settled places. I had been struggling with where I am on that spectrum. The book helped me realize that I am in an 'in-between place' right now. It gave me ways to thrive in this time when I might otherwise feel helpless." -- CCS Senior


"God has used in my life what I have learned in class. I have realized there are different seasons in my life. The study showed me that I am in an in-between time. I had a temporary job that ended, and I am waiting to find out if I have a steady job. For now, I'm just waiting to see what God is going to do in my life and what he wants me to do for Him." -- Timothy


"During the spiritual health unit I definitely felt convicted about how I have been neglecting time with God. During our 'fast' [from something distracting], I spent a lot more time with God than I normally do, and it was such a blessing. I realized first-hand how essential daily communion with God is. Now that the 'fast' is over, I am still making an effort to spend time with the Lord. I make it my first priority, no matter how much I have to do. Even though this can feel stressful, I remember that everything falls into place when we primarily seek the Kingdom of God." -- Isaac


"The spiritual health portion of class has definitely helped me become more accountable to spending time with God. I liked reading the chapters every night as a devotion and having a devoted time to be with God. I also liked hearing other people's perspectives and viewpoints about each chapter. It helped open my eyes to see things that I may have overlooked before. Although I am excited to learn about the human body [in our next unit], I am glad we started with spiritual health. It was a good foundation." -- CCS Senior


"My spiritual health has been changed in a positive way. God showed me that things can work out, but it can take time. Not everything we want happens right away, and some things are not part of His plan. Because of this, my patience has improved, and my faith in God has increased." -- Josh


"In the beginning of the year I was in a relationship that was not honoring God at all. The book talked about how we should filter out things that steer us away from God. That convicted me and gave me the courage to go to that person and end the relationship. It just goes to show that you should really let God speak into your life and let Him do His work. Don't try to do everything on your own. Thank the Lord I listened, because through that I am now closer with the Lord than I have ever been!" -- CCS Senior


"Through reading this book, I have been constantly more aware of the work that God has been doing in me. He has been teaching me many things and has been growing me in many different areas. He has revealed little 'sneak peeks' of what He has planned for my future, and I am so incredibly excited! He keeps reminding me that I need to just keep trusting Him, and things will work out according to His plan and purpose." -- Andrea.