Tech Squad at the FLL Scrimmage

Cornerstone's FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team , the Tech Squad, attended a scrimmage on Saturday where they placed 10th out of 16 teams! The students learned a lot about what to expect at a competition and gathered LEGO design and programming ideas!

One portion of the competition was a team building exercise which required each team member to construct something to represent their team out of aluminum foil.  The Tech Squad chose to make items including a cross, the Bible, and the word BIBLE and then explained what all this meant to the rest of the attendees.  This was completely student initiated and the coaches were so proud of their creativity and declaration of the gospel.

The Tech Squad will head to the regional tournament in November. Their goal will be to integrate the things they learned from the scrimmage with their current programming and design ideas in order to complete more of the assigned missions. At this tournament they will also present an animal and human interaction and a creative way for improving it.  The team chose to research sea turtle and human interactions and are currently working on creative ideas for reducing turtle deaths from human litter (plastic, helium balloons, etc.).