A Memorable Retreat

Each fall our secondary students participate in a two-day retreat. This year our middle school students hit the road and traveled to Lancaster, PA, to experience Joseph at the Sight and Sound Theater.  The trip was nothing short of memorable!


"I thought worship was amazing and the food was really good too.  I could feel God's presence in the room.  I would've loved a couple more days.  I loved how much time we spent together and with God.  I personally had a wonderful time and enjoyed a lot of good hard fun and loafing.  The play itself was really well done and the story of Joseph is great to begin with!" --G.P., Gr. 6


"I would really like to do this again. It's my fourth week here and I already feel like we're a family." --M.W., Gr. 6

"The retreat changed my life forever! It helped me grow spiritually and emotionally.  The trip helped me grow closer to the people I rode with and it helped me grow closer to God.  I am so glad I went on this retreat!  I finally figured what part God has for me in His plan.  He spoke to me in a way at Sight and Sound Theatre.  He wants me to spread His word through Performing Arts, what I like to do most.  I can't wait to get started.  Thank you so much! " --E.W., Gr. 6


"I was so impressed with the CCS middle school retreat.  I am glad I was able to chaperone and be a part of this great trip, for sure.  I was impressed with everything, from the coordination of vehicles, children, and activities, to the play, Brian's amazing talks with the kids, and all the fun the kids had together.  I know my son feels closer to his classmates. I just thought you might like to know.  We are looking forward to the rest of the school year with CCS, and all God has in store for our children, and for us." -- CCS Parent


" I thought the MS retreat was a blast.  I loved everything about it.  The ride to Sight and Sound theater was exhausting and very long.  Most of it went by very fast, though, because we were engaging in conversation.  When we got out of the car in the Sight and Sound parking lot, the excitement started.  I loved the Joseph play so much.  I think my favorite part was the animals everywhere and how the walls opened up and they were acting on the side of us, too.  I thought our trip was a great experience.  I know I learned a lot about God, too."  --J.M., Gr. 7