Physics & Punkin' Chunkin'


"When will I ever use this?" That is the question students have been asking in schools for as long as teachers have been teaching.  To answer this question, teachers strive to make lessons interactive and clearly connected to "real life."  This year Cornerstone's  high school science teacher, Mr. Keith Press, has found new ways to engage students in his senior level Physics course.  

Students began the year by taking on the role of "Physics Busters" as they evaluated the feasibility of special effects from action movies based on the Physics lessons that they were learning.  Recently they took a trip to the World Punkin Chunkin Championships to watch the engineering marvels that are the pumpkin-throwing machines. Before the trip the class studied concepts such as range and velocity, as well as the optimal conditions to achieve the longest shot.  At the event students took videos which they will later examine in order to discuss the mechanics behind each different type of "punkin chunker."

The seniors say this class is among their favorites this year -- but they admit "the material is definitely not easy!"