To engage and educate young people to know Christ and be equipped to impact the world for God's Kingdom.

photo by ed main

photo by ed main

Key Strategies
  1. Our rigorous, accredited program prepares students to excel in college.
  2. We instruct from an integrated Christian worldview in developmentally appropriate ways.
  3. We partner with parents to assist them in educating their children.
  4. We partner with local churches to foster the unity of the body of Christ by modeling a community approach to Christian education.
  5. We strive to provide a safe environment in which children are nurtured by prayerful faculty and staff.
  6. We provide students with opportunities to learn and grow by serving others.


Teaching Truth, Training Minds, Transforming Lives 


To capture and equip the hearts, minds and energies of young people for the sake of knowing Christ, and unleash them to engage the world they live in and make an impact in it according to God's principles and power.