At Cornerstone our mission includes partnering with parents in order to provide our students with the best education possible.  All current parents are asked to complete this brief survey to help us better plan for communication and partnership opportunities.


Grades of Students
Please rate your agreement with the following statements.
Please rate your agreement with the following statements.
CCS maintains regular and effective two-way communication with parents.
I feel well-informed about school and classroom events.
I know how to share my feedback or concerns with the administration when needed.
How do you stay informed?
Please check all that apply.
Communication Opportunities
Please check the box for any methods of communication in which you would engage.
Topics of Interest
Which types of topics would you be most interested in discussing or learning about through the above communication opportunities?
If you read the Lion's Roar less than "most weeks" please indicate the reasons.
How effectively is the "Notes from the Prinicpal/Assistant Prinicpal" article in the Lion's Roar being used?
Please check all that apply.
Please share your feedback on the ways that CCS communicates with you as a parent. Please feel free to share any ideas for improvement as well as new opportunities to communicate that we may not yet have considered.
What do you really want to know about? Please share ideas that could be addressed in Lion's Roar articles as well as future parent meetings such as those opportunities listed above.
We aim to conduct 3-4 parent surveys each school year. Do you have a topic that you are just dying for us to ask you about? Is there a topic where you feel the administration seems "out of touch" with parent opinions? Please share your ideas for topics of our future surveys.