Please complete the following survey that is specifically designed for CCS board members. Your feedback will be used to help formulate a proposed 5-year strategic plan that will be ongoing and renewable each year.

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As a school board member, please provide your thoughts on the following statements about our 2012-2017 Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP). When selecting your answer, please consider how strongly you feel about each statement in terms of establishing the board's priorities.
It is important for the school board to commit budgetary funds to train the faculty to be able to integrate technology instruction into the core curriculum.
Standardized testing is an important goal to be supported by the school board.
I understand the goals of the Annual Banquet.
We meet the goals of the Annual Banquet.
The school board is responsible for defining the goals of the Annual Banquet.
I am comfortable with the progress made by the school board to address compensation packages for the faculty, staff, and administration.
I have a clear understanding of the mission and vision of CCS.
The school board makes decisions that intentionally support the school's mission and vision.
Please add any additional thoughts that you have about goals that you feel should be addressed over the next 5 years.

Thank you for your input!