True Royalty...More Than a Fairy Tale

by Joy Press, Assistant Principal

Have you ever noticed the common theme running throughout many of our fairy tales, classic novels and even our movies? There is a young girl who dreams of being a princess. As she lives in the drudgery of normalcy she is discovered and chosen by the dashing prince and taken away to live happily ever after.  Or perhaps the young prince or princess has been removed from the royal family and grows up unaware of his or her royal lineage. The story builds, and emotions swell as the heir to the throne learns the truth!

 These stories are not only common to the big screen and the picture books, but they are common to our hearts. This theme reveals an underlying thread common to all mankind. We relate so strongly with these stories because of our universal desire to be chosen, to be special, to be royal. This longing is not created by the stories; rather, it is simply reflected in the stories.

 This is our story — the story written onto our hearts by our King, our Creator. We may feel common, lost and lonely; but God has a secret to reveal to us! We are the young heirs, unaware of our royal lineage. We have been sought, chosen, and pursued by the prince — Jesus, our Savior. Jesus went beyond searching for us or fighting for us; He died for us.  His sacrifice has reunited us with our royal family.  Cue the emotional music swell!

 The truth of salvation is not a story, it is not a fairy tale—it is true. It is my prayer that each and every one of you would know and experience God’s love! A love that chooses you, pursues you, fights for you. A love that has forgiven you. A love that says you are a member of this royal family! You don’t need to wonder if the glass slipper fits—it does! You need only believe and accept His love.