The Perfect Teacher

I absolutely love how God is the perfect example of an excellent teacher.  I have always found the source of my greatest inspiration as an educator from the instructional methods that God uses on me. I recently experienced the results of one of God’s lessons that I wanted to share with case you also needed a little encouragement in your faith.


 First, God makes all of His lessons perfectly “learner-centric!”  He always knows exactly what I need to learn next, and He goes to amazing lengths to teach me at just the right pace.  He does this for all His students! 


 I had recently been struggling to believe God is bigger than my circumstances.  I knew in my head that He is bigger, but my heart and spirit felt weary, and my faith felt too small to believe what my head knew.  I desperately had a need to learn—beyond mere head knowledge—more deeply about God’s nature.

 God knew exactly the right amount of “tension-to-learn”...or the need to learn...that was necessary to get me fully engaged and to maximize my ability to learn this lesson.  He always knows exactly how long to wait before He’s really got our attention...before we can truly be impacted by His instruction. 

 He uses just the right resources and materials to best accomplish His instructional goals.  In my case, He used several tools, because I’m not an easy student to teach!  He used a weekly Bible study that I attend, my pastor’s sermons, conversations with colleagues, daily devotions, and my prayer times.  I wasn’t aware of all these tools being related until after I learned what He was teaching me.  They just didn’t seem related until the lightbulb went on!

 I had been acting as though God is only as large as I think He is.  I had been unwittingly thinking that God is only as big as I believe Him to be.  When I was thinking in this way, I was placing tremendous responsibility on myself to make sure my faith was large enough to keep God as large as I needed Him to be.  I can tell you, that was a sure formula to make God as small as possible in my heart and spirit. 


God so mercifully met me right where I was at as a learner and whispered into my ear one of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned.  “Tonya, you don’t need to worry about how large you think I am.  I AM always as large as I am regardless of what you think.  You can relax and let me take care of you!” 


Oh, what a Perfect Teacher we have in our God!  I pray you’re encouraged by God’s perfect teaching abilities.  I encourage you, as my classmates in God’s “classroom,” to share with someone what He is teaching you. As the Perfect Teacher, God knows that we learn best when we teach others what we’ve learned...His Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) to us is proof!

-Submitted by Tonya Snyder, Prinicpal