Now We are God's People

by Joy Press, CCS Assistant Principal 

This week, as I consider our theme, True Royalty, one particular portion of verse 10 stands out to me: “Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people.” (1 Peter 2:10a, ESV.)   Once you were not a people, not a group, not a community. Once you were on your own to tackle this journey called life.

 If you  have entered into relationship with God through faith in Christ, things have changed! Now, you are God’s people. You are not alone—not on your own. You are adopted into God’s family, and you are a part of His community. You are a part of the Church—a community of Christians across the globe—with brothers and sisters in the family of God whom you may never meet on this side of heaven.  We share a responsibility to pray for and support the global church as God directs us.

 Hopefully, you are also a part of the local church—a smaller community of believers—meeting together to declare the praises of our Lord. This community can offer support, encouragement, and teaching as well as a place to offer your gifts in service.

 You are also a part of God’s community right here at CCS.  Parents and students often describe Cornerstone as having a family-like community. I know that I am personally blessed by the wonderful people in this community, and I hope that you are too.

 Once you were not a people, now you are God’s people. I am continuously astounded by this truth.  God has not promised an easy journey on our Christian walk of life. I know my journey has not been easy, and I am guessing you could say the same.  However, I am blessed beyond measure by this “people” group to which I belong.  I cannot imagine tackling life without the support of those who love me with the unconditional love that comes from God. I value the encouragement, prayers and even correction that they bring into my life. I seek to return the blessing by investing myself into the lives of others.

 An added blessing of the community at a Christian school is that you, as a parent, can rest assured that there are adults who are loving your child in the name of Christ. We seek to truly partner with you as we work together to raise up young men and women who follow Christ in this world.

 Living in community is also messy, and a school community is no different. We are each imperfect sinners, prone to hurt and disappoint each other. What an amazing opportunity to experience God’s forgiveness anew as we forgive each other. What an opportunity to understand God’s grace for us as we extend grace to one another.  As we walk together we can carry each other’s burdens, making each of our loads a little lighter.  What a blessing to be in this beautiful mess called community with you!

 Once we were on our own, but now we are God’s people. Praise Him who called us out of darkness and into his wonderful light!