The Power of Words

A Note from the Principal, published in The Lion's Roar  September 3, 2014. 


I had the blessing of being this year’s first chapel speaker for both our secondary chapel and our elementary chapel.  I shared with them about the incredible power of words—written, spoken, and read (those are the language arts!).

Yesterday during M&M’s (that’s what we call our “Monday Morning Meetings” for the secondary students, which is held the first day of each school week ) we took a quick look at the context in which our school-wide theme is written.  God tells us in Hebrews 1:3 that God’s word is powerful enough to create and sustain all of Creation.  This truth is reinforced by John 1:1, which tells us that the Word was in the beginning, and the Word was with God,  and the Word was God.  Jesus is the Word!


God, in His infinite wisdom, designed mankind to be made in His image.  Part of that image is the ability to communicate like no other creature in God’s Creation.


Power, however, when placed in the hands of humans, can easily be misused.  I’m certain that each of us can recall examples in our own lives of how words have been used to destroy or discourage us and others.  Sometimes such destruction is deliberate, and sometimes words are simply received the wrong way. 

However, God’s Word is always perfect...always reliable...always truthful.  Isn't it amazing to think that God would be willing to risk such a tremendous gift as “words” on a people who simply will not wield their power as perfectly as Him?  It shouldn't surprise us that we are often reluctant to share too openly in the public about our faith; the enemy is fine with us speaking anything...just not the Word of God, which can set us and others free! 

For this reason, God has lovingly given to us His perfect Word to guide us in our thinking and in our speaking. 

I encouraged the elementary children to go home today and begin talking about ways that they can join their families in an effort to speak words of life to one another.  I invited the older students to leave sticky notes (with anonymous words of encouragement based on God’s Word) throughout the McLain building in random places for passersby.  Now we invite YOU to consider how you can join us in our pursuit to speak words of life to the people around us!