Level Ground

A Note From the Principal, published in The Lion's Roar, September 10, 2014.

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”  Psalm 143:10

Isn’t that what Christian education is all about?  As disciples of Jesus, we seek to learn God’s will for us; we want to follow God’s will as confidently and obediently as Jesus did...and does.  Additionally, we want our children to do the same!  We want so much to see our children be led by the Holy Spirit on level ground.

Unfortunately, our greatest desires for our children aren’t always eagerly embraced or understood by them.  It’s so easy to forget that they are a lot like us.  Even “seasoned” Christians struggle to confidently and obediently embrace God’s will, particularly when we don’t understand it...when  it just doesn’t seem to make sense. 

There is no greater lesson to be learned than to learn to do God’s will.  The will of the Creator of the universe is certainly one that we can trust far above our own wills.  After all, God was able to create all that there is from nothing...just by His spoken word!


At Cornerstone, you are partnering with your children’s teachers and administrators who not only personally seek to be taught to do God’s will, but who have also accepted the high calling of being a Christian school educator in order to openly point their students to the Creator.  It is part of Cornerstone’s mission to “lead students to faith in Christ...encouraging students to walk in God’s truth…”  Cornerstone partners with you in your desire to see your children know Jesus in a way that enables His “good Spirit” to lead them on “level ground.” 

Young people are watching the adults around them very carefully.  We need to share with our children/students when we personally struggle to understand God’s will so that they will know that is part of the walk of a human disciple.  At the same time, it is my earnest prayer that we will each bravely choose to trust and obey before our children’s viewing so that they will be encouraged to do the same when we are not looking. 

May this school year be a year in which each of us (principals, teachers, parents, and students) is led by God’s “good Spirit” to “level ground.”