Band Information

Cornerstone's band program begins in Grade 4. Please read the overview below.

  • Band class is required for Grades 4-5.
  • Concert Band is optional for Grades 6-8 (requires prior experience; Concert Choir is alternative course)
  • Concert Band is a fine arts elective for Grades 9-12.


At Cornerstone, in addition to our general music and choral program, we believe that having a strong musical foundation includes learning how to play an instrument. In Grade 4, our students become members of a band. Students select an instrument, with the assistance and recommendation of both our band director and each student’s parents (see below for details). The students learn to become self-sufficient instrumentalists.

The band curriculum covers the following:

  • Assembling an instrument
  • Instrument care
  • Creating a basic sound
  • Establishing a practice regimen
  • Comprehensive music reading
  • Creating good tone
  • History of instruments and music
  • Group music writing
  • Performing alone and with others
  • Performance etiquette


Grade 4 students (and new Grade 5 students) choose an instrument based on a combination of their preferences, their parents’ preferences, the band director’s need for instrumental balance, and the instrument’s physical appropriateness for the child. Instrument choices are as follows: trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, and mallet percussion. All Grade 4 students will have the opportunity to try each instrument; and, in consultation with parents, the selection will be made in the first few weeks of school.

Instruments can be rented or purchased from most music stores in the local area. Parents should contact stores for specific pricing. Although the school does not own enough instruments for each CCS student taking Band, CCS does have a small number of school-owned instruments that are available for rental. These rentals can be discussed with the band instructor at the start of the school year.