Re-Enrollment Helpful Tips

Online Re-Enrollment Tips

1. Please begin by reading our Re-Enrollment Newsletter.

2. When you access the Online Admissions Portal, you will need your Sycamore logon information. (Do NOT log on through the regular Sycamore page.)

3. Once you log on, be sure to read (and perhaps print) the instructions that you will see on the home screen. Follow these step-by-step instructions.

4. You should not click "Add New Student" unless you are enrolling a sibling. Instead, choose "New/Returning" next to the name of your student.

4. You have not completed the online process until you have clicked on the green button that says "Click Here to Submit Application."

5. If you do not see the green button (see #4) on your home screen, look for the RED WORDS on the right-hand side under "Admissions Road Map." Those words will tell you which steps you must complete before your submit button will appear.


Smart Aid & Smart Tuition

1. Families applying for financial aid are able to apply through Smart Aid at this time. 

2. Our account with Smart Tuition is not completely set up at this time. Once the school'ls account is ready, re-enrolling families will receive an email (in early May) with their logon information. Please do not attempt to access Smart Tuition at this time.