Not Just any Ordinary Open House

Once upon a time volunteers lead guests through empty, quiet hallways as teachers sat patiently for hours, waiting to be asked a question. No more! Several years ago CCS replaced its traditional open houses with grade-specific CCS Info Nights. During each of these evenings everyone begins together for an informative presentation. Then, guests move together to classrooms, getting to know each other and the teachers along the way. This is an excellent way for new families to get to know more about Cornerstone. 

However, these Info Nights are not just for guests; they are also designed specifically for you! This is an opportunity for you to come and meet the teacher(s) that your child will have next year.  Or, perhaps you are just curious about a program of which your child is not yet a part.  You are welcome to attend any (and all) of our upcoming Info Nights. 

Each evening is designed to provide information relevant to a specific age group. This information will be particularly important to you if you have a child in a “transition year,” such as entering Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 6, or Grade 9.