1981 Club Invitations - Helpful Information

Thank you for participating in our annual brochure-mailing campaign by inviting others to become members of the 1981 Club.  Here are some helpful tips!

1. Each family will receive a white envelope which contains:

An important cover letter. Please take a few minutes to read the letter.

1 Sample Brochure -- Please read this brochure so that you know what will be mailed. The office will add a copy of this brochure to your envelopes later.

15 Envelopes -- Address as normal and add a stamp

15 Note Cards --Add a personal note of greeting on the lined side

2. After you complete the envelopes and note cards, please return them (in the large envelope) to the office. The office will add a brochure and return envelope before placing these in the mail. If you would like to personally deliver your brochures please let the office know. We will add our pieces and send them back home so that you can deliver them.

3. If you need some help thinking of who to invite, check out our Name that Friend brainstorming worksheet.

4. If you need ideas for what to write on your note cards, check out our Say What document.

Remember, you are invited to join us at our envelope-addressing party on Tuesday (12/6) at 6:30pm. We will all work on addressing our brochures together. After all, everything is more fun with friends!