Reminder from the Nurse

Cold and flu season has arrived!  The nurse has shared some important information and reminders for this season.

Is it the flu? Remember these flu "FACTS" to check for flu-like symptoms:
F: Fever
A: Aches
C: Chills
T: Tiredness and Fatigue
S: Sudden Onset

Flu is short for Influenza which is a respiratory illness.  Influenza Like Illness is a term used to describe symptoms which might be flu: fever with cough or fever with sore throat. If your child develops these symptoms while at school they will be dismissed wearing a mask to cover their mouth and nose. Please provide a quick pick up and take your child straight home. Your child’s primary care provider can then be called for advice.
It is important to keep sick children at home for many reasons…mostly to prevent the spread of infection and to allow them to rest and recover.

School Attendance Policy

For Flu and any contagious illness children should not return to school until the fever (over 100.0 degrees) has been gone for 24 hours without the use of Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Your child should be eating and taking fluids adequately. Your child also needs to be well rested and able to get through the school day. The Flu recovery can take up to 7 days or more. It is not too late to get a Flu shot!

A few more friendly reminders: 
Do not bring sick children to school or to school sponsored events. If they are too ill or too contagious to be in school they should NOT be entering the school building for ANY reason.

Please provide a doctor’s note if your child is absent for 5 or more days. Notes can be faxed to 860-647-9291.