Snow Day Notifications

We have already had several delayed openings this year. Were you notified in the manner that you anticipated? 

Each family can have automated phone calls sent to up to three phone numbers. In the beginning of the year you were asked to create a Contact Manager Account so that you could customize your phone numbers and select the types of messages you would like to have sent to each number.  If you did not receive the recent automated callsto the phone numbers or email addresses that you anticipated, now is the time to visit your account and update your preferences. 

School Messenger will also send an automated email to the parent-email addresses that we have on file. Finally, this program will also send a push notification to all phone numbers that have downloaded the Cornerstone App. 

In order to receive school communication, now is the time to double-check your message preferences for each of these types of messages. For example, if you would like to rely on push notifications and emails rather than a phone call for snow closings (and related types of communication), you’ll want to opt out of phone calls for that category. 

The link to your School Messenger Contact Manager Account can be found on Sycamore or under “Links” on our school app. 

Available Message Categories

(that you can tailor to your unique preferences):


Non-School Hours Emergencies:

Emergency notifications outside of school hours –including inclement weather notifications 

School Hours Emergencies

Notifications of emergencies taking place while students are at school 


Urgent announcements for parents 


General announcements and reminders 

You may subscribe to all the above categories on all your phone numbers, or you can select certain categories for certain phone numbers.