IMPORTANT Note Re: Delays, Closings, & Manchester Public Schools

When deciding on school closings or delayed openings, Cornerstone typically follows the decision made by the superintendent of the Manchester Public Schools system.  

However, there may occasionally be times when Cornerstone decides to make a different decision than the town of Manchester. For example, since CCS families travel from many different towns, CCS may occasionally choose to delay or close school even if Manchester does not.  

There may be an occasion, such as is possible later this week, when Manchester must delay or close schools for a reason that does not apply to CCS. For example, it is possible that Manchester will delay school due to the upcoming temperatures that are forecasted to be extremely cold.  This is because Manchester has many students who are required to walk to school. Or, Manchester may need to delay if they have issues with their buses starting due to the cold temperatures.  

In both of these instances, CCS may not choose to close or delay as we do not depend as heavily on the buses, and we do not have as many student walkers as the town does.  If you see a delay or cancellation by Manchester, please be sure to confirm that CCS is following suit. 

All school closings and delayed openings for CCS will always be announced by the following:

· Automated Phone Call

· Automated Emails

· Push Notifications to CCS App

· Post on CCS Facebook Page

· Post on WVIT & WIHS 

We will NOT send an automated phone call if we are not making a change to our regular schedule. However, you may still see an update on the CCS app and Facebook pages as additional confirmations. 

To be sure that you will receive our phone calls and emails, however, please update your Contact Manager Account (see pg. 2 of this newsletter for details.)  To be sure that you will see our push notifications and updates through the app, be sure to download our free app to your phone or device. 

NOTE:  Parents are reminded to always use their own discretion when determining the safety of driving conditions. If your local school system is delayed or closed, and CCS is not, any tardy or absence will be considered excused for your student.  (Please see the handbook for the definition of “excused.”) 

If Manchester chooses to delay/close and CCS does not, it is our hope that parents will be able to arrange rides for students who typically ride the bus. However, if this is not possible, the bus will pick up students at the later time, and the tardy will be excused.