App Feature Highlight: Contacting the Office

Contacting the Office

You don’t need to remember an email address or a phone number anymore! There are several ways to easily contact the office or a CCS staff member through the App.  They are as follows: 

1. Contact Us
Clicking on this icon will provide you with a phone number, email address, and even directions to CCS. Clicking on these items will access the phone or email program on your phone so that you can get in touch with the school right away.

2. Directory
Clicking on the Directory icon will bring you to a list of email addresses for all CCS staff members. You can then click and use your phone’s email program to send an email.

3. Message Office
This is perhaps the easiest way to get a message to the office. Simply click on this icon to complete a short form and send a message directly to the school office. This is a simple way to particularly notify the office of an absence or a change to your dismissal plans!