An Experience To Remember

Foundations & Frameworks is the reading program that we use in Kindergarten to Grade 8. This reading program is based on the way that the brain learns which involves recognizing and using patterns.  Students learn the underlying patterns involved in reading comprehension and use visual tools to work with those patterns as they read.

Each unit begins with an experience which illustrates the reading pattern in a non-reading situation. Here are a few pictures of our fourth grade students experiencing the pattern for their unit on Main Idea --Something large can be supported or held up by enough smaller things.

Each day as the students read their novels they create an Idea Framework which outlines the general main idea, supporting main ideas, and supporting details of each section. This great tool is then also used for their writing! The students are working on writing a research paper in their Social Studies class. As they prepare each paragraph, they use the Idea Framework to organize their notes and to ensure that they have "enough smaller things" (details) to support their "big thing" (main idea).