Being a Proverbs 16 Leader

One of our high school electives is Studies in Leadership, taught this year by Mrs. Snyder, which takes place during H-Period twice a week.  It is one of the half-credit courses that counts towards meeting the full-credit business elective requirement for graduation.  It is a required course for students planning to graduate with the Pathway to Christian Leadership distinction on their diplomas, but it is one of the options for all other high school students.


The overall goals of this course are to study and evaluate the qualities of effective leaders in all walks of life, to compare and contrast those qualities against Christ’s leadership model, and to determine intentional goals and plans for ourselves to become the types of leaders to which we have been called by God.  Each student is in the process of doing a personal study of a leader of choice.  The leader chosen must be one whom the student is able to directly observe in action over a period of time and to personally interview regarding that leader’s journey in leadership.  In the meantime, we are looking at leadership from a variety of angles.


Recently, we read through Proverbs 16 and identified key characteristics of effective leaders.  Each student was asked to create a poster to highlight what stood out to him/her.  We are blessed at Cornerstone with students who are willing to honestly evaluate themselves and to carefully observe the leaders around them through Christ’s eyes so that they can become the leaders that God has created them to be.  It is such a privilege to walk alongside our students in this endeavor!