1981 was the year God confirmed the vision and burden to provide a uniquely Christian education in central Connecticut. It was in September 1981 that Cornerstone first opened its doors to accept students into a curriculum and a community designed for life transformation. God has been faithfully at work ever since, and we want to enthusiastically invite you to partner with us in the process.


As you can imagine, the technological needs of The Cornerstone Christian School (CCS) continue to expand to keep up with the educational demands of the workplace. Our students need to be trained on the latest software if they are going to move seamlessly into the future. Cultural changes in the society around us require us to address issues of safety and programming on a continual basis. The training of our faculty to meet the changing demands of our students requires important attention. While tuition covers most of our operating expenses, the need to strengthen the foundation of the school is continual and significant.


Joining the 1981 Club, a membership society which benefits our annual fund, allows you to make an investment in this process. Members of the 1981 Club support the ministry of CCS by making contributions in the amount of “1981” -- $1,981.00 or $198.10 or even $19.81 a month. Please visit our online giving page to make your contribution so that we may add your name to the list of 1981 Club members today!


Whether you know someone who has been blessed by the ministry of CCS, or if you simply believe in faith-based education, we hope you will join us in making a difference in the lives of our students, and in doing so, shape future generations.